Friday, August 13, 2010

planning ahead~~

hurmm be it coz my mummy is a mathematic teacher or is it because i was born in May whom they said to be so systematically.

i love to plan a head of everything. i might not really put a specific date on my planning, but i user to set a goal like for example, by age 30 i want to have a monthly salary of 6k..
for me me it's not dreaming because if i work hard i will become achievable.

sebenarnye bukan nak cite all my life planning pun..cukup lah sekadar i share my wikend iftar through out this ramadhan.
basically we have 4 weekend consists of 8 days (saturday & sunday)

1st week (14th & 15th Aug)
on saturday evening i will be headed back to my grandparents in sp.pelangai bentong.
my granny must have dish for the family;
  • ayam kampung masak cili api
  • kuih epok-epok / koci / lepat pisang wif inti kelapa (my granny specialty is the inti kelapa)
so on sunday depend la is either to breakfast at grannys also or maybe in seremban.

2nd week (21st & 22nd Aug)
on saturday, it gonna be day out wif my superbabes at Soul Garden One Utama.
well those who are single (laki jauh pun consider single) gonna attend tis event. owh i really miss my super babes. stay tune wif the picture ok..
on sunday -undecided yet-

3rd week (28th & 29th Aug)
wiken to be spend wif my family in Kluang. since i'm going to take a leave on 5 days at kluang hoyeaaay!!!
so from friday till tuesday i gonna be in Kluang yeay!!
can i request some dish ^_^
  • roti jala (makan sampai santak)
  • sirap bandung (fresh milk + sirap + eskem soda a must for my family)
  • mee goreng basah home cooked by mummy or daddy
ni jer lah dulu yang boleh fikir kan..naga belum nak mengganas lagi nih hehehe..

4th week (4th & 5th Sep)
on saturday. gonna spend the iftar wif the mommyz (udect n honey)
place not decided yet..miss both of them oso..huu~~
on sunday -undecided-

well that basically my weekend schedule for this ramadhan.
looking forward to snap some fud picture. like previous years. ^_^
well on weekdays i prefer to break fast at home only. coz i'm quite tired wif all the jem and travelling from work going back home. sigh~~

voice massage:
miss going to the PARAM wif my superbabes. then makan ramai-ramai kat pantry.
tis year i might not going to cook any pasta like before, i love to cook those Italian fud coz it's simple.
tengok lah kalo aku rajin aku buat yer..but i don't have any willingness to do so.. -_-

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