Monday, January 31, 2011

D.E.S.S.E.R.T timee~~ @_@

my favorite part of the meal..kalo boleh each meal sud have desert =D
and my choice for dessert will always be ice-creammmmm ^__^ eventho i'm in a condition which i'm not suppose to eat ice cream like having flu, i won't care. ice cream is my biggest temptation -_-'

if mE merajuk, treat mE wif ice cream, if i'm feeling down ice cream will be the best solution, if i'm happy ice cream will be treat for my self...
owh i'm sooooooo in lurve wif it. froyo (frozen yogurt) or the original ice cream doesn't matter =P but not the ice confection ok..

tuttu fruiti the froyo. come wif lots of flavour and topping which u like make u'r own mix

let mE tell you bout the froyo nih...
well it's claim to have these health benefit which i found it true especially for the second point ^_^

Strengthens the immune system

Prevents constipation, diarrhoea and bloating

Prevents colon cancer

Lowers blood pressure

Lowers cholesterol levels

Reduces inflammation

Improves mineral absorption

Prevents harmful bacteria

Promotes health bacteria and enzymes that are good for the body

this can be consider a healthy dessert. if u're on diet this shud be u'r choice of dessert =)
how much does it cost? it's RM5.30 per 100grams huuu quite expensive tho..please visit here for more info.


the must have treat every 31st of the month (x der 31st pun mE blasah jugak kengkadang)
this ice cream always be my first choice..2nd only the the best for the last ^^

the quart rm48. with 3 different flavour ^_^

we dip, you drip yummmyyyyyyy~~

info about baskin robbins? i'm speaches =P go and taste it then u'll know. my all time favorite falvour is the Baseball Nut™. you can also try the Gold Medal Ribbon®Strawberry Cheesecake, Cotton Candy, Pralines `n Cream, there are still a lot more flavout to be taste. always ask for a try before u make u'r choice. as for mE i'll go for vanilla based mixture either withe caramel or rasberry and mix it with some nuts ^^..
and today is 31st January!!! yippiiieeEE!!! baskin robbins treat for my self coz of wounded ankle...but must se the tukang urut first ok. -_-"

voice massage: enjoy the stay at home moments i beoing a lazy bumps now?? plus i'm gaining weight n i could see tummy is getting bigger =P

Friday, January 28, 2011


yeay!! finally i got a wat i wanted an aviator ^_____^

i don't wat so best bout this aviator but i found it so damn cool =P when seeing people wearing it (nak cakap diri sendiri cool lah tu =P)

i haven't snap a close up picture of it yet. but here mE wearing it.

if u notice it have a purple line at the frame to make it more girly =P with two-tone brown tint

plus it have a slight tint of mercuric layer features which will not allow other to see u'r eyes just purrrfect to be a stalker =P

how much does it cost me?'s rm660 and i got it for rm330 after 50% discount yeay!! i love sales ^_^
wat brand it is? for sure it's Rayban my dear, there is another aviator by Furla which also catch my eyes, but it's over my budget rm660 after less so imagine the original price -_-"

voice massage: aino please remember u'r resolution to spend less on shopping =P

Sunday, January 23, 2011

soOOOoo nOt mE =P

let's challenge myself for staying at home over the wiken..first of all let make a to-do list

  1. laundry done
  2. ironing half done bju kat ampai lagi
  3. basuh kete flu so x boleh mein air n rehat kat umah jer..
  4. kemas kete done
  5. kemas bilik done
  6. mop bilik flu so x boleh mein air n rehat kat umah jer.
  7. basuh toilet done
  8. reading continuously wen got free time 
  9. failing bills done
  10. update works documents x rajin nk buat hahaha

let it be wit 10 thing to-do first..see could i complete all ten in 2 days? can i stay put at home over the wiken? hehehe =P

voice massage: belajar2 lah duduk rumah yer cik.Aino =P

Friday, January 07, 2011

this kid is mE?? =P

let's just tengok gamba...
huu~~ a girl who was born last 26years ago...

tat's show how big my eyes rite ^^ plus big head = alien

alien coming~~!!

with my brother he looks even girly than i'm kan...huu~~

mE wif kak ida. decent giler muke =P

saye seorang pemalu sejak dari azali lagi =P

overall nih pn.emak yang jahit. i do love pink since kecik rupenyer..
eh kerusi kuning tu..hilang mase pindah ke kluang =( seronok di buat golek2...

voice massage: miss the gud old days..

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

my best friend's girl

wait till i finish reading it...

as of for now i'm not crying yet. however i bet i'll shed tears sooooon....

voice massage: part of my 2011 resolution reads more books...owh how i miss reading for the past 3 years.

they are so innocent..please forgive them..

wah tahun baru sangat rajin menulis..
(ayat tersirat: aku bosan kat opis x der keje lah pulak skang nih and hari nih duk umah malas nak buat ape-ape)

seperti biase berkumpul depan tv sambil menonton cerita orang seterika (read as iron man yer). berborak lah dengan my aunty. topic adalah mengenai lelaki mommy boy. huu~~ anak ke2 my aunty seorang lelaki, panggil angah. dialog rakaman semula between my aunty and angah

angah: mama, nanti angah nak duduk ngan mama jer lah bile angah besar

mama: nape pulak? nanti angah kawen pun x kan nak duduk dengan mama.

angah: ala. sebelum angah kawen lah..nanti angah duduk ngan mama jer.lepas tu mama carik kan lah isteri untuk angah. tapi mama jangan carik yang mengabiskan duit angah pulak

mama: yer lah. nanti mama carikan ramai jer anak kawan mama yang baik2.

mE: gelak guling-guling

can u guess how old is angah?

yup he is just 10 years old...
hahaha baru 10 tahun dah fikir pasal kawen lah..perempuan kaki kikis lah lawak sungguh budak budak zaman sekarang. korang tak payah la fikir itu sume dulu sampai mase nanti baru fikir eh.. =)

voice massage: aku dulu 10 tahun dengar der org minat nih abis orang tu aku blasah..erk yuckss i hate those secret admire dan aku amat terkenal dengan ke'tomboy'an nye huuu~~

Monday, January 03, 2011

back to school~~

back to school~~

yer hari pertama aku mane sekolah aku dah keje daa
so tajuk entri adalah sungguh tidak relevant.

sebenarnye aku teringat zaman2 sekolah dulu bile bangun pagi tadi, anak aunty aku sibuk nak pergi sekolah. tahun ni, adik (anak aunty yg bongsu) masuk darjah 1, which means sume anak aunty dah bersekolah. huuu~~ dah besar dah derang rupenye kan. kalo ingat kan almost 4 years aku duduk ngan aunty aku. pagi tadi masing2 kalut carik stokin lah, kasut lah, baju untuk sekolah petang lagi..huu~~ sabo jerlah derang nih malam tadi buat apekah mereka?..( nampak sangat aku x der kat umah malam tadikan =P )

beg budak sekarang mak aih beso giler
(picca credit to uncle gugle )

flashback~~ @_@
back to 1991, sekolah rendah kebangsaan air baruk, jasin melaka.
sekolah rendah pertama aku. pn.emak x kasi aku pakai pinafore, die suh pakai baju kurung huuu~~ beik lah mommy.. tapi bagus jugak sebab kalo die bagi aku pakai pinafore sure parut2 di lutut adalah ditahap yang mampu mengurangkan jumlah wang hantaran huuu~~ mase firstday en.abah yang hantar since pn.emak cikgu di sekolah lein jadi beliau lebih mengutamakan anak orang lein yang masuk sekolah dari anak sendiri T_T tsk*tsk*...en.abah tggu sampai lepas perhimpunan jer, lepas tu beliau balik ke rumah yup rumah dan sekolah adalah dekat adalm 15 minit berjalan kaki..tapi tetiap pagi tetap suruh en.abah yang hantar =D alasan. "ala abah masuk kerja kan lambat lagi, hantar jer lah anak2 pergi sekolah. rumah pun dekat jer kan"
dari darjah satu sampai lah tingkatan 3 aku sentiasa ada penjaga di sekolah. jadi tak pernah takut pun kot-kot lah ade pembuli disekolah sebab pembuli paling otai adalah tak lain dan tak bukan abang saye ^_^..en.abang kesayangan saye yang beza umo setahun jer. kalau aku kene ejek ker, kene buli ker sure aku report kepada en.abang ^^ dan beliau dengan pantas nye akan membelasah makhluk tuhan yang membuli itu hahaha~~ sebab itu saye sungguh spoiled. dang~~!
yup till today he still over protective of me..
balik kluang x boleh drive sorang2 bahaye..kete lein laju2..adeh la pelik betul.. ( x tau adik die jugak salah sorang yang membawa laju itu =P )

hurmmm sekarang nih some of my friend already sending their kids to school waaa~~ sungguh pantas mereka mempunyai anak!! saye mau jugak budak kecik yang boleh di panggil anak.. =D nggeee~~ seronok layan kerenah budak budak nih..nanti mE cerite lah peristiwa perbualan kanak2 innocent hahaha..rase mau gelak guling2 bile teringat huuu~~

voice massage: welcome back to school to all budak2 juga cikgu2 yer hahaha korang ingat cuti sebulan tu lame? sengal kan bile nk start over after a long holiday..

Sunday, January 02, 2011

contradiction of happy new year~~

2010 vs 2011

the first day of 2011...
let me think wat had happen back to the fist day of 2010. yeay both years i started with being single ngeee~~ so nothing change. if in 2010 waiting for the clock struck at 12.00 midnite with a friend of mine who i rarely contact nowadays but for this 2011 i just stay at home, watching the fireworks from my bedroom window. yeah i kinda like the view from my  room i could see straight till the Putrajaya International Convention center (PICC) after this no need to stuck in traffic to watch the fireworks competition =). last 1st Jan 2010 during the day i could say i kinda feel sad, feeling soo guilty for hurting you-know-who, but 1st jan 2011 is the most neves day in my ife huuu~~ (nanti cite lein kot).

career~~ (foyo jer bunyi)
last 2010 by jan i already joining a local iT consulting firm which only last for 4 months (resign 24hours on feb) huu~~ then now in 2011 i've been 10 months working for International Business Machine ( IBM la deeerr =P ) and i don't have any feeling to leave the company yet..x suke sangat nk jumping around but now situation is quite unstable with the workload and also the management. should i consider applying xXx?? hahaha not yet bebeh not yet..i really looking forward what the management had plan for me as of for now, they'll keep me stay till end of january which means 30 days left for it.

hurmm well i really can't remember my resolution for 2010..long term memory lost =D.
however for this coming 2011 i already have one particular resolution which i've set up since i was in secondary school. wallauuu will i achieve it? just wait n see till the day had come. other than tat, i really wish i could minimize my social activity, please spend more time at home Ainoooo!! huuu it's tough for mE tho coz i'm not used to it. always on the run, always has sumting to do huu~~ need to find  a reason for me to stay at home, as of for now reading would be the best solution. but i still can chill at any cafe to read hahaha seee how gud i'm in making excuses ngeee~~ =D
financially. waaaaa~` really need to watch at my spending. must start to creat a list for each months. watch the bills esp. phone bills =P (gune lah phone rumah yang free itu yer) the rest i think i still could manage it. huuu~~
because 2010, was the worst case senario which i really rely on retail therapy. demmit!!
vacation~~ =D well last year i've visit 2 countries indonesia, bandung to be specific and also singapore. well for this year, my plan will be to go to sipadan for a diving course and as of for now that my only plan for this year coz i need to watch my financial ryte =D.

year of sadness 2010..hoping for year of happiness 2011 ...
yup 2010 was a year wif full of sadness, unorganized, serabutness, simple said zaman kegelapan huuu~~ faced with two big lost in my life. start with you-know-who who give me a very the berry unforgettable and unforgivable news ever which happen around march 2010 and by 1st dec 2010 another big lost in my life, yeah the day my darling, my beloved, my munchkin yup he's my everything, mR.bRown had left me for good. yup the most shocking news ever. but some how with the first lost i've already being tough to accept the 2nd lost. well now i could consider i'm matured enuf to think for my future, matured enuf to make decision for my life. hoping that this coming 2011 will be the year of happyness for me. considering life is like a wheel which sumtime u might be at the bottom and there will be u'r turn to be at the top. insyaAllah 2011 will be the year which i'll be on top side of the wheel.

 pray for happiness insyaAllah

(all images are from uncle gugle)

voice massage: as for 2nd day of 2011 i still can't stay put at home eventho i've bought 4 novels huuu~~ eh but i already start reading what. =P