Thursday, July 24, 2008

. : 1sT anNiVeRsaRy : .

sAtyaMite mcm termiTe..

luv to say tis phrase huuhuhu..but it kinda suits us coz since the day i joined satyam which is a year ago 23rd July 2007 we all really like termite always doing things together..go to makan2 session almost the whole batch will serbu the tempat makan together..still remember the day we have lunch at McD..huhuhu org McD pun pelik tetibe kene serang ramai2 hahaha..then bout renting house..almost all the satyamite renting in equine park..and b'coz of tat the renting price range start to increase oso we can't fine a house which have the rental same as a year back huhuhu kalo yg depan area JJ tu sure 6oo punye 5oo x leh dpt dh huuuu D=

back to last year oso..i met wif a very tragic, traumatic n unforgetable exprience..met wif a terribble + horrible accident..woooo i can't forget tat..never forget tat..3 of my friend badly of them were in ICU for almost 3's reaally frightening experience..alhamdulillah (thanks to God) now the three of them back to satyam again..=D

then..the puasa n raya came oso the deepavali..we the satyamite have a trip of open house to was enjoyable..huhuhu serang umah JayZ, KugA, Reen n oso my Aunty..huhuhu tiring but yenJoy..huhuhu hmm but i think tis is the starting point we getting apart..all of us being separated into different some being so buzy wif their training for those CES n DBA..for the BIKDs which i'm in..still yenjoying life coz by end of puasa we already finish our 2nd phase training woowweee

since we've fininsh our training (biKD)plus nothing to we started to share n spread the enjoyment outside satyam..hahah wen for movie while working hour..wen for jalan2 around KL (sibuk carik dress for dinner) hahaha, go to shah alam (tis one paling juh) huhuhu wat else?? yup..we started to masuk lambat around 11 a.m or masuk after lunch (afternoon syif) hahaha..we oso balik awal @ 3p.m or maybe don't ever try to find me after lunch...hahaha sronok..sronok..nih kalo keje tmpt lein mmg dpt warning letter dh nih..hahaha one more thing..we oso watch movie in the office..for those u guys remember the day we have movie in the training lab??hahaha cool huh..sape lh trainer yg sgguh sporting tu?? (name perlu di rahsiakan) year experience in satyam..a lot rite..wen i told my friend (who is not satyamite) they all said want to join satyam oso wat keje kat satyam..but...sumtime i do ask myself..till wen do we have to be idle like tis (on bench) it's really frustrating tho..sumone do ask me..mase tu tgh layan muvie kat my place.."nik keje ape mcm nih..cube pk duit yg dapat tu nnt halal ke x..dh kawen blum? kalo dh kawen..dgn wat mcm nih..pas tu duit tu bg anak2 mkn..berkat ker?" perrrgh ayat makan dalam tu..aku hangin betul aku tau ape aku wat tu salah..bukan nk menang or wat so dh mmg x de keje..nk wat ape pong x tau..mase tu POC pun x nk wat aper..kang aku tdo jer kat surau dari pg sampai ptg baru tau...hahaha kire beik aku still nk dtg..kalo aku ilang terus..g buat part-time mane2 ker lagi dasyat kn....huhuhu

tat all lh sikit2 my working life xtvt in satyam..huhuhu

for BIKDs..we still yenjoy rite..bile ade keje kite wat betul2..bile x der..kite buat betul2 yg kite x de keje..hahaha till then..xoxo

Monday, July 21, 2008

. : m0viE oF thE wEek : .


wat can i say bout tis is..fantastic..boombastic..Spectacular..marvelous..full of action n emotion..n very big applause for Heath Ledger..he plays the Joker veryy da gud..n it is the reason y..u should have know wat is the 'y' for rite..

here a 'ctrl+C' n 'ctrl+V' from
just read it..


The synopsis for The Dark Knight looks like this: “In The Dark Knight, Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the city streets. The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as The Joker.”


One of the things I was preparing myself for was how over hyped the performance of Heath Ledger was going to be. Since he passed away, I knew he’d be getting rave reviews out the ying yang no matter what and I’d be frowned upon if I said any different. But holy mother suck puss face… HEATH LEDGER DESERVES AN OSCAR NOMINATION FOR HIS PERFORMANCE AS THE JOKER… no… I’m not even kidding in the least. I was totally, 100% blown away like nothing I’ve ever seen in a comic based movie before. He is at all times completely believable, at all time relentlessly disturbing, at all times nightmarishly frightening and at all times THE JOKER. This is a slightly different vision of The Joker than we’ve ever seen before… but it hits the mark so purely that even Batman himself is made to feel like a secondary character. It really was the performance of a lifetime for Ledger in all its poetic tragedy. I can not stress this enough… Ledger really was that good in this flick, and if he gets an Oscar nomination (which he really should), it won’t be out of sympathy or sentimentality… it will be because it was a performance worth of the honor. Absolute best performance in a comic book movie I’ve ever seen. Yes, he was THAT good.

The script was fantastic. The story moved forward at all times, the dialog was crisp, at times profound and always in character relative to the scenario. The way all the key characters are used in vital ways in the plot… all interconnecting in a very naturally feeling way… never forced… was something to see.

The action in The Dark Knight was vastly superior to Batman Begins in every way, shape and form. And we’re not just talking about fight scenes either. There are a couple of scenes that are more like heist movies than comic book ones and they totally work. The camera work is also much better for the fight and action in this movie than they were in the original which was quite a relief since that was one of my few complains about Begins.

Speaking of cinematography… it was INSANELY good. Visually speaking, the camera did as much work in The Dark Knight communicating elements to the audience as the dialog did. It was never over the top or gimmicky either. Each shot felt purposefully selected to aide in communication the underlaying emotion and experiences of the characters on screen… while at the same time giving us a sense of vastness to the scope of the shots. I could just sit and watch this movie on mute again and I’d probably still like it just as much.

Maggie Gyllenhaal (who took over for Katie Holmes) actually made Rachel Dawes a GOOD character instead of the eye gougingly annoying one that Holmes managed to make her out to be. The Dawes character is an important one… but the way Holmes portrayed her made us all wish she was never there in the first place… Gyllenhaal made her work, and work well.

What can I say? All the cast were solid. Christain Bale, Caine, Gary Oldman (who was especially good with a much bigger and more important role this time around), Eric Roberts… the list goes on and on. When an entire cast does such a good job, you have to look at the director. Christopher Nolan sir…. we salute you!

Holy crap did Two Face look WICKED!!!


My biggest complaint about The Dark Knight is one that no one will agree with at first… but if you think about it after a while I think you’ll change your mind… at over 2.5 hours the movie was too long. Sorry, it just was. At about the 2 hour mark I was ready to call The Dark Knight the best film of the year so far… and maybe one of the top 5 movies of the last 3 or 4 years. Yeah… THAT GOOD. Now, I have to be careful here to not give any spoilers away… so if some of this doesn’t make sense to you… it will after you see the flick. After about the 2 hour mark, a major component of the story gets finished… and it was the PERFECT time to stop the movie and be wide open to the next film. PERFECT. But instead Nolan felt the need to tell ANOTHER part to the story in this same movie… that was a big mistake in my opinion. All that energy, perfect pacing and focus that the movie had for the first 120 minutes got lost. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the last 30-40 minutes were bad… they just weren’t right for this movie. Something significant happens near the end (I can’t say what) that I believe was a total waste, and ultimately made the last 30 minutes a waste of time.

Scarecrow was WASTED… and I don’t mean he was on drugs. He’s on screen for about 30 seconds, then gone. Wheee… thanks for coming out. This may sound like a little bit of a spoiler, but it’s so irrelevant to the movie that it really doesn’t matter. Scarecrow isn’t even taken down like a true super villain. No no no… he gets taken down during a routine bust really. There was no need for Scarecrow to be used in that capacity… you could have had the same scene and had it be just another thug and it would have been exactly the same. Such a waste


This is a fantastic movie! Yes it’s too long, yes one or two of the characters are wasted… but aside from that it is a wonderfully told, MAGNIFICENTLY acted and beautifully shot comic book movie that ranks amongst one of the best films (not just comic book films) of the year so far. Not just a great comic movie… it is a great movie period. Overall, I give The Dark Knight an 8.5 out of 10.

tis blog gave it 8.5 out ever i would like to gave it 9 out of 10..the best movie i ever watch for this year..=D so need to wait go n get u'r really worth it paying for such the joker..u really deserve an award..even tho u r (so sad to be said) but u end it very well...

Friday, July 18, 2008

. : latEsT oBseSsioN : .

little bRwon suke dimanjekan...n x reti dok diam..tat y gambo banyk time tdo jer n me oso x dec DC nk snap gambo dier..nnt i'll snap gambo liTtle Brown tgh dok usha my iKkOkO..ikan yg ku bela..x tau pe jenis ikan nyer..

huhuhu aksi my cute notty brown tdo..tis little fella kalo nk tdo mesti nk gigit tgan me..gigit my kaki..ish geram betul..kalo x geget me one nite x tenang gamak nyer tdo brown nih..x paham sbb sayang me tahan kan jer..x pun sorok kan tgh bawah slimut ker..bantal ker..there was a nite..i'm too geram lah coz he keep on biting me..then me pukoi peha dier..x kuat mane put..terkejut..terus terjun katil merajuk..hahaha terus tdo bawah bile me tutup lampu..he jump's up on the bed balik..pandai ko carik aku balik eh..hahahaha sgguh cumel...

nih la bantal bRown..bantal MAS yg me cilok dlm flight balik from UNIMAS grad..huhuhu last2 jd bantal kuceng =D..ingat besok wanna buy his litter dier sudah abis n oso his fud..sat nih bauu popo dier pulak satu bilik..pening mak kuceng nih nnt..huhuhu
^___________^ xoxo to my lItTle BroWn

Thursday, July 03, 2008

. : tOday iS tHursdaY : .

wat a title..huhu it's already 1.28a.m wat m i doing??not sleeping x ngantuk how i want to sleep??it already a week i have my little brown, cute..adoreable and very notty..

i just groom him wif a toothbrush..x der duit lg nk beli sikat dier..mahal la pulak..nnt lh me item for grooming comb n a new litter box..ri tu me browse dlm forum they got an electronic litter box for the more bau 'poopoo' and sand berterabur in my where to buy..looks like it from oversea =(..kalo sape2 der jupe let me know..sggup beli even mahal..anything for my little brown..hmm nk tau y me sggup groom dier pepagi bute nih..1) sbb me sendiri mmg x de keje 2) konon2 x nk dier kumpul hairball lam perut dier huhuhu..x tau ape hairball..hairball tu bulu kucing yg dier jilat akan masuk lam peyot dier, tp x kn digest so akan kekal lam peyot nk kuar kn bagi lh kucing tu muntah dgn makan rumput kucing tu..sbb tu sumtime kucing mkn rumput..informative sgguh..tis i got through reading the forum... =D

now..wanna share how nooty tis little brown..last saturday..bwk him to the vet for vacine, as usual..after vacine..the cat will have a little fever doc kate in 2 days dtg balik for fungus dtg balik but he still demam..but yg peliknyer..every time i told him nk g vet sure terus monoy..balik dari vet segar bugar..jumping around x hingat donia..waa taktik smart..mcm tuan dier jugak.. =D ^_^..

ermm..enuf for today bout little brown..i'll update later ok..he already wanna go to sleep n start to kaco me typing...notty boy..

ok till then..xoxo lurve u brown...beso lh cepat leh carik aweks cun..