Wednesday, July 04, 2012

wedding review 1:
wedding guest book

i'm writing my first review on my wedding..

nak share dengan korang pasal guestbook...
at first tak amik berat sangat pasal guestbook nih. en.pencuri hati kate it's not that important..wuuu~~ banyak idea yang di'discard' :(

mule2 just nak beli simple guestbook yang jual kat MPH since kalo nak tempah harga boleh tahan jugak lah..sebab kalo boleh i want every page of the guestbook being printed wif our name..gedix kan iols nih.. =D i have a few ideas in mind at that time...

1. love note
give out each guest a piece of paper for the to write a which for us upon their arrival then sebelum balik, drop the not dalam balang or tampal dalam guestbook..simple kan..

pic credit to: marthastewart
2. simple guestbook
letak dekat entrance..guest datang..sign...abis cite..

3. complicated guestbook + photo booth
and props for guest amik gambar. tambah menarik kalau ade camera polaroid so amik gambar guest, tampal dalam guestbook terus.

option3 was at the bottom since its a bit costly.. ~_~ wuuu 
(sekotak instax film rm25 for 10 film rm2.50 per picture).
by the way if you girls interested in this idea..ade tempat murah jual instax film nih menuruk cousin ku yang juga akan menggunakan instax here the location, Level G, BB plaza. nama kedai Bintang Electronics

but a very last minutes..i found this guestbook vendor payya (click for her fB page link)..and one of my bridesmaid own the instax camera dan offer untuk digunakan during my wedding..thanx you soo much cik AreKnee. so all i need to do is to buy the instax flim.tapi tu pun kirim kat cik Areknee jugak suruh belikan huhuhu...since we have all the things in place..dengan semangat waja nyer mem'prepare' the props. yup..mE buat prop yang sangat proper sehingga boleh tahan sampai lah mane2 cousin kalo ade nak gune pun boleh lagi gune insyaAllah..kalo ade yang request tambahan props pun boleh jer buat lagi ^_^.

here some pictures for the guestbook.
vendor nih memang sangat2 kreatif..just provide some idea, like color combination..then.. 
tadda..she had came out with a gusetbook just like i want it to be...simple n elegance..

guestbook specification:
ring-o binding with hard cover
100pages (both side printing)
carter up to 400 guests.
(use almost 3/4 of it...but manage to make use almost all pages ^_^)

Front cover:
simpler hot stamping wording with 3D flower

inside cover, from top: celebration of love Saiful & Ainoor
middle: simple doa
bottom: events details

two pages of our photo. ^_^

here some of guest yang datang and sign the guestbook..thank you guys..!!
pn.Mmolina n hubby juga datang ^_^

cik AreKnee, pek Jah n As
(they got the special instax film wif pattern)

hubby's unimate Roy n Chuck
tulisan roy adalah super kemas n neat.. ^_^

some of the props and setting of the guestbook table mase reception sebelah pihak lelaki.

and last but not least...
since the guestbook tu x habis wat i did was tampal all those gifts tag dekat all the balance pages ^_^
gift tags

note: really thanks to those yang datang. will try to make an entry on how to make those's so simple actually.

credit to:
Areknee (bride's maid) for the instax camera, beli kan instax film plus jagakan photo booth.
As (bride's maid) pembatu areknee ^_^

cousin atie: tolong print kan props. (x per lepas nih ko leh gune props nih)

pn.Lisa: kenalkan guestbook vendor dengan package yang menarik =)