Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ma' nate steak hub

another food review by mE.
i've made an entry on how to choose your meat a while ago. now let see wat i've had for my iftar last saturday.

dates a must for the starter of iftar
courtesy of the Me'nate steak house

the appetizer: Caesar salad (RM 15.80) and curly fries (RM 8.80)

for him: medium rare lamb rack. danging dier sungguh manis
price: around RM42

lupe which part but it a medium rare grass fed. daging agak liat n kurang manis
(shud have try the famous wagyu next time)
price: around RM58

for more info of the menu, price and plus more review, can click here.
here some picture for the pricing which i copy over.

good one..!!

pricer per 100g
price for Wagyu and Black Angus

pricer per 100g for grain fed and grass fed

price per 100g of lamb

all meat being store in a vacuum plastic bag and have been label for the price. so easier to calculate how much you will need to pay. basically u just need to pay for the meat only since the drinks are free and the steaks come with coleslaw and fries.

dinner for two ^_^

en.pencuri hati comment: the seasoning is good
my comment: the grass fed meat is just another steak.
we both agreed: should order for medium well next time. huhuhuhu

hampir terlupa. here their name card ^_^

(ade jer kat bangsar susah-susah jer pergi ampang jaya nun -_-')

voice message: 'kite tak pernah order sikit kan', but we did finish it all ^___^


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lets go to Manhattan...(trip for baby dragon)

mase untuk review makanan.
masih belum terlupa, this blog used to review about food almost every week ^_^. tapi sejak kebelakangan nih, tuan empunya blog agak malas untuk mengeluarkan 'partner in crime' iaitu cik.camera merah bagi mengabadikan gamba-gamba makanan yang boleh menggugat pembaca di bulan puasa ini. since it already 16 days of fasting i bet guys semua sure dah imune tengok gambar food. so let's the review begin...!!

lokasi: Manhattan Fish Market. Alamanda Putrajaya
pax: 2 baby dragon to be fed =P

during this Ramadhan, Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) having a promotion of half price starter and dessert for any platter ordered. even tho you just order 1 platter which the cheapest gonna be RM52.90, you can order unlimited starter and dessert with half price. ^_^
actually this is my second visit to MFM for this Ramadhan. yeahhh...i never bored wif food.

the penambah perisa

my favourite starter : Garlic Herb Mussels
(mE alone can finish 2 set of this)
RM 14.90 (NP)

starter: Sizzling lousiana prawns
RM17.90 (NP)

the Starter come wif bread

for platter we choose Manhattan Flamming Seafood Platter consist of;
fried calamari, fried fish fillet and oyster with MFM famous Flaming Prawns. serve on bed of Garlic Herb Rice and chips with scrumptious broccolis and carrots. RM52.90 (NP)
the platter is strictly for sharing 2-3 person.

since they short of the big pan -_-' they serve us in two part of platter.
hurmmm..owh yup, this promotion comes with 2 free fizzie drinks and soup of the day. ^_^

platter part1

platter part2


total bill for the day: RM80.40
total capacity of baby dragon: bolted..!! -_-'
for complete menu set click here.

NP - Normal Price

tips: kalau rase muak after eating lots of seafood, get a raw lemon and have a bite. rase masam akan hilangkan rase hanyir and muak seafood. giv it a try.

voice message: our first date location and he already know how i love foods. i ate 3 mussels and only left 1 for him. -_-'


Sunday, August 14, 2011

karakter diri

blog walking as usual...

hey this is interesting...let share with you guys..

never know i'm a jealous type -_-'

most of the time i'll craving for anything and everything..
but sumtime (quite often actually) i'm craving for soft, sweet foods like ice cream ^___^
hurmmm...i'm anxious...?? am i..??


inner voice: thinking of A&W root beer float...slluuuuuurp...glup -_-'

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wordless wednesday :D


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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

100,000 km in 4years..

a week before Ramadhan went back to hometown.
yes now i'm being rajin balik Kluang. whenever pn.emak asking "tak balik ker..?" mE will straight away answer, "insyaAllah hujung minggu Aino balik mak"
why..?? sebelum nih tak rajin pun. -_-'
sebab i'm the only daughter, someday i'm gonna get married to a guy, which means i will add up another families in my life. i'm no longer freely can go where ever i loike as of now. yup buy that time, it's another changes in my life which i'll enjoy while adapting to it. wokeyh iklan sampai sini sajer. ^_^

so kali ni balik straight from office. my office hour end at 4.45pm on Friday. i've packed up all my things in the car earlier, so let head back..!!
by reaching after senawang, i already mengantuk. yup seriyesli mengantuk. call en.pencuri hati pun macam kurang membantu. kereta pun quite banyak on the road. last choice to kill the mengantukness, have to speed up. this will give me more focus on the road. -_-'. alhamdulillah manage to reach home safely.

hey look what have i captured on the way back home.
the car mileage had reached 100,000 km ^_^ (ambik gambar while driving. bergegar-gegar)

99, 999 km
one more km to go...

100, 000

bought tis car back on 9th October 2007. so that's mean, it had been moving around for 3 years, 9 months and 21 days or equal to 1390 days. approximately, i've travel for 71.9 km/ day within this 3 years.
hurmm to make it 200, 000km i don't think i'll make it within the same time frame since now i'm traveling almost 83km/day -_-'

voice messsage: kan best kalao gi keje jalan kaki jer. hehehe


Sunday, August 07, 2011

rizalman..he really catch my eyes..

many of you might already know how much i adore rizalman design.
once again he nail it. yup his raya collection for mE its simple but very elegance.

i loike how he used the lace (it is lace rite..??)


LOVE IT..!!!
go and visit his blog here for more.


Saturday, August 06, 2011

nutella pound cake ^_^

alahai tak sampai hati nak tulis resepi nih sebenarnye. sebab...sebab..kek nye tak jadi yeay...!!!
-_-' epic failure betul.

had try baking this cake twice, 1st one quite jadi but the 2nd one x jadi...plus both oso x sempat snap picture.
tapi untuk tidak menghampak kan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan..saya akan tetap menag'post'kan resepi kek ini dengan meng'translate'kan dari resepi asal. credit to here.

½ cawan tepung
4 biji telur besar (suhu bilik)
*tapi resepi nih amik dr blog obersi so suhu bilik menjadi persoalan
2 sudu kecil perasa vanilla
¾ sudu kecil serbuk penaik
1 buku butter (500gm) tanpa garam
¼ sudu kecil garam
1 ¼ gula
1 jar nutella yg medium size
*kalo pakai butter yg salted, jadi x perlu letak garam yer tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

bahan-bahan (derang panggil butter sticks 2sticks = 500gm)

Baiklah mari kite teruskan dengan cara-caranya.

1. pukul telur bersama dengan vanilla

2. dalam mangkuk berasingan, gaulkan tepung bersama-sama garam dan serbuk penaik

3. dengan menggunakan stand-mixer (pencampur berdiri..??) pukul butter bersama gula sehingga kembang.
4. masukkan campuran telur tadi ke dalam campuran butter-gula. pukul sehingga kembang.

5. kemudian, masukkan tepung secara berperingkat (bahagikan kepada 3)
6. pukul adunan untuk beberapa ketika sehingga sebati dan kembang.

yeay...!! adunan telah siap...

7. masuk kan 1/3 daripada adunan ke dalam baking pan (x tau translate)
6. masuk kan pula satu lapisan nutella. rujuk gambar.

8. ulang langkah di atas.

9. sile bakar. kalau ikut website asal, bakar untuk 1jam 15minit. suhu 325°F atau 162.7°C (jangan tanya mE coz bab bakar memang diserahkan kepada yang pakar sajer =D)

biase kalau nak tahu dah masak ker belum, cucuk dengan lidi. kalau lidi tu keluar bersih dan kering, tandanya sudah masak lah itu kek. ok tuan-tuan dan puan-puan selamat mencuba yer ^_^

hasil akhir yang perlu dicari.

note: entri paling malas..hanya translate dan copy gambo -_-'

tapi saya telah mendapat satu barang untuk di letak dalam wishlist.
Kitche Aid mixture harga dimalaysia RM 2,799
nak mintak as wedding prize boleh x?
but i want the red metallic not this pink =P 

ade note lagi: 2nd try buat kek nih, lapisan nutella jadi mendap ke bawah mungkin sebab kurang tebal kot lapisan bawah. atau maybe boleh half cook dulu lapisan bawah baru letak nutella macam buat kek lapis. gunekanlah kretiviti tuan-tuan dan puan-puan yer. ^_^

voice message: lapo lah tengok gambo nih..