Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sipadan here wE come..

refer to the above ticker..!! 

by the time you guys read this entry i already flying to Tawau for my island escape wif my besties. obviously this is a scheduled entry. =)

p/s: not to forget..thank you so much to en.pencuri hati for your time just to send me off. gonna miss you a lot!!

a sudden plan between mE and my bff Farah kalau tak silap last December. lucky me having such an adventurous friends rite. mE...?? mase sekolah dulu active lah biler dah masuk asrama, matrix and uni, i'm slowing down and down. but once a while will still gather with friends to do some activities. as for tis time we go under the sea. since i'm still flying towards Tawau, so i can't share wif you guys any picture yet. hurmm let me share wif you about the budget and process of getting to Tawau then Semporna and booked for Sipadan diving course.

first of all, make contact wif the diving course organizer. ask them when will be the best time of the year to dive. it's better not to be done during rainy season. so that why we choose June. as normally the weather along June is quite hot, the sky will be clear so the water will also be crystal clear.
arrange withe the organizer/instructor on how long should you stay there in order to complete the course and at least have 1 open sea dive.

after doing some searching on the web. we decided on

image source from the website itself.

after a few discussion through emails, finally the quotation of the trips being finalize.
below is the details and approximately the cost breakdown.

Dorm with meals
(Check in 24th June 7:30 a.m
Check out 26th June 5:30 p.m)
4 pax X 3 nights
Open Water Course
Start 24th June
Finish 26th June
4 pax
3 Dives Sipadan
27th June
4 pax x 1 day
Airport Pick Up
23rd June 6:10 p.m
28th June 6:35 p.m
4 pax x 2 way

yup we gonna have 3 dives in sipadan weee~~
if you guys notice we have to leave a gap between before fly off back to Kuala Lumpur. The reason here because it's a must to ensure that you have 18hours gap between flying and diving. THIS IS REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT..!! that why we extend our trip till 28th June.

the above cost breakdown does not include hotel stay in Semporna on 23rd and 27th, for these two days we go for dragon inn which is nearest to Uncle Change office plus the best in town. you can click on the link for accommodation facilities and review. this approximately gonna cost us around RM 85/pax for 2nites. (assuming we take the RM 77 / nite room)

how about the flights tickets..?? well since tis was a pre-planned trip. we bought the flight on december itself which cost us, RM 193 (returned tickets)

in total, we spent about RM 7,712 or RM 1,928 / pax . it might be once in a lifetime experience for each one of us. hope this trip really worth it. insyaAllah.

wait for more update about this trip ok. more pictures will be uploaded sooooon...

voice message: sudah terbayang seafud depan mate..yeay..!!! aino can't stop thinking bout food..

preparation for vacation =)


jam 5.45 petang semalam merupakan jam terakhir untuk mE bekerja bagi minggu ini. sehinggalah hari rabu minggu depan jam 8.45 pagi barulah kembali bertugas. the long awaited vacation is happening today. YEAYYYY..!! finally the day i've been waiting for, almost half a year is cominggg.. ^_^

bagaimana dengan persiapan..??
secara jujur...mE baru mula untuk mengemaskan barang-barang yang perlu dibawa malam tadi. all this while mE just serveying around on barang-barang yang perlu dibawa. yup mE is a type of person who will prepare a list beforehand. terutama untuk percutian yang lama dan percutian yang beraktiviti list adalah wajib. list yang mE maksudkan ialah list barang-barang yang perlu dibawa.

how i create the list..?
normally i devided the items into categories toiletries, clothingmiscellaneous and food.

The list

toiletries: fall into a big group and most important, sebab..well nama pun perempuan, segala ape dalam bilik air adalah penting ikut kan. hehehe. untuk facial care jer dah kena ade 3 item cleanse, toning & moisture. since nak pergi nih tengah laut, so segala mak nenek sunblock lah, after sun lotion lah kene bawak lah kan. penjagaan wajah adalah penting.

second group the clothing. nih pun group yang penting sebab bergantung kepada aktiviti yang ingin dilakukan semasa bercuti. kalo aktiviti setakat pergi bershopping x perlu bawak banyak baju...dah beli baju baru baik pakai terus kan..huhuhu. untuk kali nih percutian is full of aktiviti basah hampir setiap hari duduk dalam laut. jadi pakaian yang penting adalah swimming suit, dan t-shirt lengan panjang. owh ya feeling bercuti tepi beach harus ada..maka mari bawak seluar aladin..(pareo dah selamat jadi tempat brown tido dulu and at last jadi kain buruk)
clothing 70% done

then the miscellenous group.
this is to list down all other things which might be needed like phone charger, camera, ubat-ubatan depending on the need during the vacation. as for this time, mE include an air-tight container into the list. why..?? sebab nak beli beg yg water resistan agak costly so bawak jer air-tight container. confirm tak masuk air plus boleh letak banyak bawang such as telefon, camera then bawak jer atas boat nanti kan =D. bijak tak. owh tidak lupa juga, bawak alat tulis since we all need to study for the diving course.

some ubat ubatan in case of emergency

and finally the food category.
well this group might be the least required. maybe some packet drinks and foods are just nice. biasenye mE akan bawak biskut atau quaker granola bar. sedap oooo..
(food mungkin dibeli by the time tis entry being publish)

well that's is the preparation for this vacation.
hope it gonna help you guys on the tips yang mE share (creating the list). ade lagi satu sebab mE suke buat list nih, so that boleh packing last minit hehehe...

voice message: weeehuuu..!!!!

Binatang peliharaan ku

Ever since mR.bRown had l left mE for good..decided untuk mencari pet baru..
stakat nih baru ade 4 ekor ^_^

the latest in & mrs Turtle

the fish bone ^_^

the one eye cat -_-'

it start with the cat key chain and ever since tat i will always look for animal key chain. kalo en.pencuri hati visiting other places pun normally i'll ask for key chain and he seem to know tat i love animal tat why he bought me the turtle key chain. (tak pernah bagtau pun..betul x tipu)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

English lesson for the day =P

The difference between 'COMPLETE' & 'FINISH'.

People say there is no difference between 'COMPLETE' & 'FINISH'.
But there is !

When you marry the right one, you are COMPLETE.


And when you marry the wrong one, you are FINISHED.

but then...

And when the "right one" catches you with the "wrong one", you are "COMPLETELY FINISHED"!!

And that is your English lesson for the day.

Voice message: english education..

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

long distance relationship (LDR)...♥

been in the situation for a few time in my life.
none of it work out for mE. most of the reason was trust. yeah i'm a bubbly type person so the partner feel insecure which cause conflicts in the relationship. yup tat for my case. =|

but, masih ader jugak pasangan yang mampu bertahan dengan LDR. so wanna share bout few people's life whom i know are really strong in dealing wif LDR. the first gonna be my aunty yang mE leave with now. mE sangat kagum dengan aunty. satu sebab uncle keje kapal, so uncle akan away from family for like 3 months or maybe more. they have 4 kids, 12yo, 11yo, 9yo, 7yo. kids memang kids lah kan nakal, degil, banyak songeh yadda yadda...mE sangat kagum sebab aunty tabah facing all the hardship alone.
tak kisah lah daily basis or wat ever. imagine pagi-pagi kene kejut all the kids, prepare breakfast, send them to school. kalo ade maid tahan lah sikit sebab part breakfast and kemas rumah boleh hand over dah tinggal uruskan anak jer. pening weh pagi-pagi layan kereneh 4 orang budak. yup, sumtime bile aunty outstation i do take over her role. luckily the kids takut dengan mE so derang takut untuk banyak kerenah sangat. yup i'm a strict type of person. bukan anak sendiri boleh lah kan, cube tengok anak sendiri nanti -_-"

bile datang masa-masa kecemasan. kesabaran harus berada ditahap tertinggi. mane lah tahu, salah sorang anak sakit. then kene bahagikan tumpuan anak sakit lagi, anak-anak yang lain lagi. wah sungguh mencabarkan. tu belum anything happen, like tibe2 kereta rosak, kepala paip tercabut, or any series of unfortunate event yang kite tak jangka. for tat i really tabik spring toing..!! toing..!! to my aunty lah. and for information my aunty nih bekerja.

next gonna be my darling mommy udect a.k.a iezawani.
eventho she just married (comparing to my aunty yg dah 13 tahun)  for 2 years, beliau adalah sangat tabah. jumpe suami setiap 5 minggu untuk tempoh 5 minggu. dah la baru kawen, plus now dah ade baby azriff yang tembam itu. yup beliau tabah. she have to handle baby azriff then their business, the house, the study, the family and all that almost alone. ok not really alone la coz she still have family and friend tapi still la rite. she don't have maid and she don't hire nanny..and still she could train baby azriff so well. umo baru 2months plu,s baby azriff dah gi bercuti ke Hong Kong.

hurmm cukup lah dua orang.
but from both of them, one thing yang pasti the distance buatkan kan they love their partner more. satu, sebab fikir dah la jarang bile dapat jumpe memang nak tunjuk kan kasih towards each other lah kan. kalo ade rase tak puas hati pun, they'll think banyak kali if nak gaduh. tak kan baru dapat jumpe dah nak gaduh nanti nak berpisah balik kan, so rugi lah kalo gaduh kan, so... mari berkasih sayang sepenuhnye ^_^

belum kawen baru 4 hari tak jumpe pun dah weng. -_-"
but if we have to be apart due to works related things..i already have 2 major advisor in my life. thank you for being a good example for mE. love you both.

voice message: entri adalah sebab en.pencuri hati kene outstation for 4days and flight back on thursday was cancled. so friday baru balik..kan meroyan dibuatnye..huhuhuhu gedix lak aih. belum LDR lagi nih -_-'

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rambling of mE..

Saya sangat rindu untuk blogging. Tapi kerja baru saya sudah tidak membenarkan saya blogging sesuka hati..nak blog walking apatah lagi, since not all blog letak their SQ code so agak malas mahu scroll left-right from the phone so hurmm bayang-bayang blog akan bersawang sudah kelihatan..
Walaupun ade telefon pintar..the feel of writting isn't there -_-'
Tapi rase nak bebel jugak nih..!! =|

Awal bulan Jun hari tu mE balik kampung..seperti biasa topic among the aunties was kawen -_-'. Alhamdulillah they stop asking mE regarding tat. But then one of my aunt arghhh..!! Tak tau nak cakap lah, suke sangat carik pasal I might said. Among my cousin mE consider the most modern one. Yup mE the only female cousin yang dare to dye my hair, wearing body fit t-shirt so opposite than most of my cousin. Yup almost all of my aunt wearing tudung labuh uols. (Pn.emak pakai tudung biase jer)

Ape yang mE nak bebel..
On the day mE balik kampung, I just get back from my friend wedding. Maka harus lah memakai baju yang meriah :) suke suke..nak di jadikan cerite, baju kurung tu agak fitting (sangat fitting) kot. hahaha mase tempah berat around 46kg now I'm 52kg so baju menjadi sempit lah sikit kan. -_-' jadi aunty yang sorang nih sangat tidak berpuas hati, yup I know it's a bit menjolok mata sebab ketat. Tapi ketat nye tak der lah sampai mE x leh gerak or wat's not. I still can breath like usual :P oryte wat's wrong is still wrong. Won't give any excuse nymore. -_-

Ape yang mE tak puas hati was, aunty mE kate, sort of la not exact words, die tak nak suami die tengok mE in tat dress. Lagi alasan, lelaki naik nafsu. Wow..!! Tat really trigger my anger dear beloved aunty. U're talking bout your husband here. Straight answer I gave, 'berburuk sangke terhadap suami sendiri pun berdosa' yup fullstop. There are few other questions came up in my mind. Adakah suami beliau mendambakan perempuan seksi..?? Adakah beliau tidak mampu utuk berseksi depan suami beliau maka beliau terasa sungguh offended dengan my body. Huhuhu okie fine die tak mahu suami die berdosa n mE also berdosa.

Ok fine admit I'm guilty.

Baju merah akan dibesarkan. Supaya it just sempit(s) or muat(m), tapi tidak akan sekali-kali longgar hihihi..
Cukup merapu untuk hari ini.

Voice message: keje dah siap yeay..!!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

counting the days..

nampak tak ticker kat atas nih 
yup i'm counting the days..seriously it's a mix felling...macam sexited pun ader..cuak pun ade...
i just can pray all the best for this trip, InsyaAllah... 
can wait to experience it my self...

image source: uncle chang dive lodge

10 more days to go..weee~~~

voice message: unpaid leave for 4days.. -_-" gaji pertama ku..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

chef & brew at bukit damansara

yup food review time..(lame dah x buat food review)

this time was at Chef & Brew (food for life)

event: my 1st lunch meeting with the new team at iCIMB.
location: another end from my office. dekat plaza damansara

: Food for life :

lunch set of the day

cream of pumkin soup

set 1:
B.B.Q Lamb
(serve wif sautee potatoes & corn on cob)


set 2:
Pla Mai Sai
Fish fillet Mai Sai style
(serve wif rice, salted egg, archar & ikan bilis)

slices of pear fruits

coffee or Tea

price : RM16.90 ++ (service charge + govt tax -_-)

picture do the talking
complimentary from the house, menu and lunch set of the day.
lunch set 2 (picture gegar not my hand =P)

nasi goreng (not in lunch set) loike the presentation

lunch set 1.

comment: honestly, it just another eating place. but i do like the environment. cozy. plus the place also not crowded wif people.

voice message: new job, new place, exploration mode turn on.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Newly Wedd.. to Reen n Fakhri

from left: shu, jay-Z, Terry, Fawaz, mE
front: The Newly Wedd

Reen..aku tau aku dah tulis kat guestbook ko..tapi aku tetap nak buat special entry kat blog since kite dulu adalah blogger tegar xXx. eh ko masih di xXx aku jer tidak lagi.
nyway Reen, M'sia nih kecik jer kan pusing-pusing family kite kenal each other..kite pulak keje kampeni same. pas tu, ko jumpe somi ko tu pun kat kampeni tu...memang kampeni yang berjaya menyatukan banyak pasangan hohoho (aku terkecuali =P)  -aku dah melalut dah...

oryte Reen..SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU..!!! sebab ko suke warne biru aku kasi   tulisan kaler biru. bertabahlah dan bergembiralah menempuh alam rumah tangga. semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat. amin~~~ insyaAllah.

voice message: suke tengok ko Reen and pelamin simple n nice..!!

how to view blog in mobile version

wee~~ blogger goes mobile..!!
tak perlu dah nak scroll kiri kanan atas bawah bagai. =D sangat suke..yang penting bace latest entry of your favorite blogger kan..

let me teach you guys how.

things needed.
1. get you phone a barcode scaner. (i'm using BB so u can download it at BlackBerry App World)

QR Code Scanner Pro in red circle

2. make sure u have data plan lah kan else carik wifi spot. ^_^

how-to steps
1. Get the blog QR Code

as for example for sure yours truly one lah kan nih ^_^
so to all copy and paste your barcode at your blog HOME page ok.
still in beta version


you can screen capture the barcode or what so ever way as long as the code is clear. sharp square.

for BB user you guys can download the screen muncher (i loike this apps notice the pink app in 1st picture? it really make munch sound while munching your screen)

2. then switch application to run your QR code scaner

if you are a BB user you should know how to switch between application rite. by defaults the QR code scanner is listed in your switch application list as one of default application.

click on the Scan QR Code.
by clicking this it will automatically switch on the camera. it's hard to scan from camera to lappy. so wat you can do, there are two options which i had figured out;

option a
save your code using screen muncher as a picture (obviously)
the flow gonna be,
open picture  <'switch application'> run QR code scan <'switch application'> picture
wallah..u will feel BB vibrating means code was captured.. ^_^

option b
browse a blog which already paste their QR code  <'switch application'> run QR code scan  <'switch application'> go to the browser

so any of the options will do. =D
as long as the app manage to capture the code.

sebelum terlupe, here where you can get the QR code of your blog.

Dashboard > Settings > Email & Mobile
Mobile Template

and last but not least..the preview from the mobile gonna looks like this ^_^ goes mobile

voice message: saya rase nak ketuk boss en.pencuri hati. arghh next week please come and go as fast as you can.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Pening @_@

Last wik on tuesday mE pergi buat wisdom tooth's not the normal procedure of tooth extraction (cabut gigi) because the gigi haven't tumbuh yet so the extraction need to be done by minor operation -_-'

Another pembedahan. Dulu bedah sebab gigi taring tak tumbuh, so have to operate lelangit and tarik gigi taring tu..walla gigi taring akhirnye tumbuh pada usia 25tahun..!! And now lepas dah remove braces, geraham bongsu pulak nk tumbuh. Since dah bukak braces, jadi tak ade space untuk en.geraham bungsu tumbuh maka another operation procedure.

The process x sakit langsung pun. Yer lah kene bius kot..hanya kedengaran bunyi gigi di'drill' lepas tu nampak percikan-percikan darah. Nasib mE pakai baju dan tudung merah. giler besar en.geraham bongsu itu. (Gamba x sempat snap sebab masih terasa ngeri)

After tat, doctor ade bagi a few medicine. Ubat bengkak, tahan sakit, dan penahan sakit. Tapi bile bace label ubat, mE pun jadi bertambah pening..dengan darah yang banyak hilang..tengok label ubat pun dah macam confius jer..

Sehari = 24jam
Ubat tulis, makan 3 kali sehari setiap 4 jam..kalo setiap 4 jam, means kene makan 6 kali sehari. Kalo kene makan 3 kali means setiap 8 jam kene which one yang betul nih..?? Blur @-@

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Saturday, June 04, 2011

meat lovers..are you..??

hi all..
oryte, hari nih nak share some informative info regarding meat. for those yang already a meat lovers should have known bout this. i'm not really a meat lover myself...hurmm  maybe yes but i'm not that concern about meat previously huhuhu. since my dad is a veterinarian, kindda ashamed if i didn't know bout meat rite =P.

lets's start with the cuts.
there are 3 types of cuts which normally practice by the butcher. (please jangan tanyer during kenduri kawen they use which cuts)

1. The British cuts
British cuts

2. Dutch cuts
Dutch cuts

3. American Cuts
American Cuts

note: picture source from wiki, click here for further info regarding these cuts

next..which part becoming wat..?? good question. as you all know there a lots of meat product in the market; such as meatball, minched meat, beef patty and etc. so which part of the cow being taken..tak kan lah minched meat taken from sirloin part kan. -_-"

here another information on that credit to this webbie;

1. Neck 
Products: Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

2. Chuck 
Products: Braising Steak, Cubes 
Cooking Methods: Braise, Casserole 
3. Fore Rib 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roasting joints, Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

4. Sirloin 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

5. Rump 
Products: Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

6. Clod 
Products: Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

7. Thick Rib 
Products: Joints, Steaks, Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Braise, Casserole, Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

8. Thin Flank 
Products: Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

9. Thick Flank 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

10. Topside / Silverside 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

11. Brisket 
Products: Joints, Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Pot Roast, Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

12. Shin / Leg 
Products: Slice/dice, Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Braise, Casserole, Dry fry, grill, BBQ 

13. Ox Tail 
Products: Ox Tail 
Cooking Methods: Casserole 

the last one..the most important..!! how do you like to have your steak??..rare..?? medium rare..??medium well or well done..?? dari segi direct translation, sound the 'well done' gonna be the best way to have a steak rite coz maksudnye 'sangat baik'. but it's not my dear. here another information i grab from the internet.

picture credit to

well hope this entri is informative enuf to all of you. (kelaparan mula melanda diri bile tulis entri ini). wat about restaurant recommendation..??. ok let mE share wif you guys a few links; review by others blogger.
tige links cukup lah kan.
hurm how about the 'Wagyu' and 'Kobe'..?? hurmm i think i've made this entri long enuf. maybe will share it in another entri. ok dear. till then...selamat menjamu selera.

voice message:selamat pengantin baru to my ex-colleague who oso a blogger pn.Reen.