Monday, August 16, 2010

a blast of fuuuudd~~

as promise~~
last weekend i spend the two days at my granny's and oso my aunt's

well the iftar was superb eventho not all family members were back but still, rather then i spend the weekend alone rite... ^_^

on saturday i was back to granny's wif my cousin..yeay have to pick him up at Serdang commuter station then yup i test drive the new LEKAS damnn lekas i told u..woohooo kalo dah my darling honeyVie can speed up to 150/kmj ngee~~ ok not tat fast actually but i do consider it fast enuf.. -_- (one thing wanna tell here i've over come my phobia)

well don't to brag anymore..lets the picca do the talking ^_^ ok..

saturday menu:
ayam kampung masak lemak cili api..marvelles i tell u

simple taugeh goreng sedap jugak ^_^

kuih koci air tangan nenda tersyang..sedapppppppp~~

pencuci mulut juge pengembung perut lepas tarawikh ~_~

juice for the day..air kedongdong by uncle zambri
actually ader lagi satu air ribena + fresh milk + eskem soda marvelles!!

note: gamba sambal tempoyak x sempat nk snap sebab aku dah nak ngap huuu~~

sunday menu:

well on sunday i can't spend the breakfasting at granny's since have to drive back to putrajaya and send my cousin back to shah wif my astigmatism, driving at nite is not my preference.
but  i decided to go to my makndak house..she oso as gud cook as my granny ^_^

@MakNdak's baung masak asam tempoyak + ikan masak tauchu + sup sayur

for desert pengat pisang ~_~ yummmmy

note: juge x sempat nk snap picca of roti jala yang makndak bawak from moreh. sebab yang sama aku dah ngap ^_^

i did snap piccas of the menu at granny's
juge lauk ikan baung masak lemak cili api + daun gelugur

 sambal udang + petai

well tat's it for my wiken..giler penuh ku rase badan aku skang nih baru seminggu pose kot. adeh la~~
sesungguhnye aku bersyukur atas rezeki ini. i'm gaining my weight back yeay!! aku dah cakap orang lein boleh diet time pose aku adalah sebaliknye.

well tat's it for my wiken full of joy wif the family. can't wait till i back to Kluang on the coming Nuzul Quran holiday. i'm gonna take quite long holiday for that.

done for this time.

voice massage:to both my cousin yang blajar juh kat jordan and kat new Zealand tu, sabor lah eh kalo ko bace blog den nih. sesungguhnya kalo duk juh bende yang akan korang paling rindu is the home cooked fuud.

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