Sunday, December 25, 2011

a sweet reminder for all..

"Ruginya orang handsome tak solat, Nabi Yusof yang handsome pun solat. Ruginya orang cantik tak solat, Saidatina Aisyah yang cantik pun solat. Ruginya orang kaya tak solat, Nabi Sulaiman yang kaya pun solat. Ruginya orang miskin tak solat, Nabi Muhammad yang miskin pun solat. Ruginya budak-budak tak solat, Hasan dan Husin budak pun solat. ... "

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Congratzz to Azlin Azlan

setiap orang yang mempunyai kawan. dari kecil sampai besar kite selalu diingatkan,
"kawan sama-sama ketawa senang di cari. tapi kawan yang sama-sama menangis...sukar di cari.."
alhamdulillah i've found a few friends who will always be by my side thru thick and thin. and Azlin is one of them.
walaupun we only known each other for just 4 years, but its a wonderful 4 years..we've spend times for many things..yeah remember the morning u asked me to teman you watch the basikal..erghh the mat saleh bubuh bedak..wat an event to start u'r day hahaha..the hot air ballon...the bandung trip..sadly i can't join for sabah trip..those adventure in sky park shah alam and ATV ride in Melaka. Those teary nites and rescue nite...huhuhu yeah tat's a lot for 4years of friendship.

so today is the day which we need to celebrate after soooo many celebrations before. This the best for you my dear. the day which you have been unite with no other, but your mr.right.

nyway let enjoy some picts during u'r big day =)

Gedixness by the anak daras..hehehe
above pictures was after the solemnization. Alhamdulillah dengan dua kali lafaz, they are now husband and wife. adalah sangat sebak perasaan pada waktu itu *_*

gedixness tak boleh di buang -__-'

some pictures from the reception. and as usual saye juge bertugas di majlis ini. sebagai penyambut tetamu hehehe comel kan ^_^


Kesopanan dan kesulilaan ^_^
Dua pictures kat atas was us from xXx with the pengantin. all of was partner in crime mase kat xXx..wuuu those memories memang terbaik..!!

2 married couples and 1 coming soon insyaAllah
Huhuhuhu sempat nak enterprem kan.. =P
*obviously i'm escaping my duty here -_-*

Noor Azlin & Rahimi
Selamat Pengantin Baru
Semoga Berbahagia ke akhir hayat...
*cepat-cepat buat anak yer ~_^*

voice massage: arghh..the time is ticking...!!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

pasangan ideal...??

tis tot suddenly came across my mind.
wat it take for a couple to be an ideal couple...?? couple here i mean for those married couple keyh. not those yang still deting-detong like mE =P.

so bile balik raya last wiken..surrounded by all family do make me wondering and thinking..

oryte sebelum me giving out my tot..let us think first which one is the ideal couple base on the given situation.

situation: membeli-belah tak kira lah ke pasar ikan atau pasar raya.

couple A:
pergi bersama-sama. memilih ikan, bawang, sayur semua bersama-sama.
kalau shopping baju-bajan pun sama-sama the hubby will choose for wifey and the wifey will choose for hubby. senang cerite mereka sepakat bersama-sama

couple B:
pergi bersma-sama. semasa ke pasar hanya suami yang turun untuk memilih lauk-pauk. isteri tunggu di dalam kereta. kalau shopping baju bajan pulak isteri di beri kebebasan untuk memilih sendiri untuk both of them. tapi at the end suami mahu melihat hasil tangkapan si isteri.

couple C:
masing-masing pergi beli sendiri. atau hanya berpesan antara satu sama lain.

which one u choose..???

my two cent...

as for me..doesn't matter either you pergi bersma-sama atau tidak. yang penting kesepakatan between them yang actually count. memang bagus kalau dapat pergi bersma-sama memilih dan berbincang. tapi tidak semua orang mendapat peluang untuk outing bersama-sama. mungkin both are working, maka mereka harus bijak mengatur masa. mungkin bila salah seorang saje yang turun ke pasar proses membeli memjadi lebih pantas berbanding apabila both pergi bersama-sama (sebab salah seorang cerewet pilih bawang sebijik-sebijik -_-)

begitu juga bile shopping barangan lain. if you asked me, i prefer to shop by myself..sebab bile shop sendiri sedikit sebanyak ia menguji pengetahuan kite about our another half what he/she like and dislike. coz i believe in learning tru mistake. tapi sekali sekala kene juga shopping bersama-sama.

sebenarnya the ideal couple is ideal for only ourselves. kite bukan hidup base on buku..buku said A, we must do A..we are not a robot. human adjust themselves according to their surroundings. we need to blend in the surrounding. dah kalau the couple dapat jumpe every 5weeks tak kan lah wife nak tggu hubby balik baru nak buat decision on their life. setiap seorang dari kite live a different life. tak ade hidup siapa lebih sempurna dari hidup orang lain. kerana sempurna itu hanya untuk kite sahaja. tak perlu lah banding-bandingkan hidup masing-masing kann live your life happily keyh ^^

well that’s it lah for today..
blog update untuk hilangkan mengantuk di opis. (owh entry di tulis di opis... =D )

voice message: people said orang tua banyak makan garam that’s why we need to listen to them. but sebab derang banyak makan garam lah, most of them kene darah tinggi..saya x nak kene darah tinggi so tat's why it's hard for me utk accept their opinion =P


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

let's do some mathemathics..

yup finally i've change my job again.. =D ngeeee..
tak nak cite pasal kerja baru..tapi nak cerite kos pertukaran kerja kali ini.

Bangun paling awal 6.45am, paling awal kuar rumah 7.30am..=p
drive to work as ususal. tol Mex putrajaya RM2.50. drive all the way to kerinci link another tol RM 1.50.
park at the DBKL parking, cost me around RM 3.00 to RM 4.00 per day.(sumtime kene saman coz x letak parking yg cukup)
balik from work used PLUS highway, tol RM 1.60

total mileage/day: 80km
fuel rm50 for every 300km

total transportation cost taking 20 working days per month:
tol : RM 120 (sometime balik lalu MEX if PLUS super jem)
fuel: RM 270 (sometime lebih)
parking: RM 80 (amik maximum)

body condition: agak penat.
car condition: kene service dengan kekerapan yg tinggi -_-'
image soruce: google image


Bangun seawal 6.00 pagi. Bersiap and drive to ERL station to catch the 7.35am ERL.
Sampai KL sentral hav to wait for the company bus either at 8.00a.m or 8.30a.m.

ERL monthly tix: RM 285
ERL parking: RM 2.00/day (RM40/month)

mileage rumah - ERL station: 10km/day so 200km/month
fuel usage: RM50 (blasah jer sebab 300km = RM50)

body condition: quite penat neik ERL kene berdiri all the way from putrajaya to KL sentral for 20minit.
car condition: eh..tuan aku nih dah x kerje ker..? hahaha

so basically memang jimat neik ERL and take the company bus. cume kene bangun awal sikit. and kene on time. else terlepas ERL or bus kene amik teksi. hope i could bare with this hectic schedule. =.=


voice message: to date..i'm enjoy my working life now more.. :) itu yang penting kan..


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hobi saye bukan tukar kerja.. =|

tarikh mula bekerja : 23rd July 2007

pekerjaan pertama: Satyam Computer services then bertukar kepada Mahindra Satyam
pekerjaan ke-2: Globval Odyssy
pekerjaan ke-3: IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd
pekerjaan ke-4: iCIMB Malaysia Sdn Bhd

my history of employment...

4 companies in four years..hurmm not good, noooot...good *geleng kepala*
i'm gonna add up the 5th company soon.. -_-' am i..?? still considering =D ngeee..

kenape selalu sangat jump company.

agak susah nak jawab soklan tu sebenarnye.

environment . remuneration . stability

environment wise.
perasaan seronok untuk pergi kerja. ade setengah tempat, nak pergi kerja pun malas. boring. bosan. biasenye if this is the case, need to give it some times. try to mingle with everybody. try doing sumthing different. this can be change by at least 6 months insyaAllah there will be improvements. but sumtimes you just can't blend in the environment. feel left out. especially if it involving some issue like racist.

remuneration package.
wat the company offers? better medical coverage. teringat kat xXx..among the best employee medical coverage offered, for iT company. retirement package like banking mostly offer 16% of KWSP from their employer ^_^ banyak kan. staff loan like flat rate for the housing loan, or maybe they'll offer to pay 70% for your house loan interest. as time passes by this kind of package will be needed rite.

job stability. the chances u getting laid off. long as it private sector there gonna be at least 1% of it. so don't think too much on it. let it be..percaya dengan rezeki Allah. work location dekat dengan rumah. workload...x payah bawak kerja balik rumah. things like this will eventually be one of your preference. as for mE, i've experience work which allows mE to work from home. mase bujang it's do sound cool. but to think when you gonna hav family...kalau amik cuti pun still kene is boooooooring... =P

sebenarnye banyak lagi point of consideration either to jump of or not, like expending the knowledge, trying something new and challenge silalah fikir untuk kebaikan jangka masa panjang. last few years maybe most of my decision was based on the remuneration package. yer lah nak hidup kat KL, perlukan duit. gerak sane sini semua duit. tol..minyak..makan..parking..all these things need to be put into calculation for monthly expenses. biler dah agak stabil...kite akan fikir pulak untuk having own house and saving for future. but now i'm more on stability and focus on what i want to do. insyaAllah my my decision this time is firm and precise. =)

ade jugak kawan-kawan yang tanye,
'lompat-lompat kerja nih bukan susah ker nak neik pangkat..?'
Alhamdulillah. start from an entry-level programmer in 4 years i'm now a senior exec. actually pangakt doesn't really matters to me. even if u're a boss tapi kerja macam budak baru grad beik tak payah. biar lah selari kan.

sebenarnye at the same time...i'm thinking of any possible business opportunity so that i can work on my own. be a boss for myself. i can bake cake tapi x lah terrer giler..wat else i can do..hurmm yup i can be a tuition teacher esp for primary school..teaching mathematics and maybe english erk...mampu kah..? or maybe i can be a diving instructor ngeee... =D
but afterall i'm not considering a fulltime housewife. why..?? sebab saye tak mahu hanye duduk rumah waiting for my hubby and watch after the kids. tapi saye tak kate, fulltime housewife itu tidak best. malah kagum dengan mereka yang decide utk jadi fulltime housewife. sebab mereka mampu mengata kan their life is already complete being a mommy and a wifey. tabik spring pada mereka. ^_^

what ever kerja yang korang buat pun, yang penting hati kene ikhlas. insyaAllah rezeki akan dipermudah kan untuk korang. amin..

voice message: opportunity comes and go..we never know which one gonna be the best for our future. life is a big game of gambling. what ever it gonna have faith in yourself and pray to Allah..insyaAllah He'll help you.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Social Network...mari cari jodoh =P

nak buat entri santai-santai jer lah..*lalalalala...*

adelah beberapa jam lepas, mE receive a FB (FaceBook) inbox notification..

anyone interested...??

ape yang lelaki di atas buat x salah..he's trying. he being honest tho (hope so) mengaku diri divorcee orang lain may prefer dirinya bujang. tapi ade jugak yang dah kawen..ade anak tapi masih nak meng'gedix' kat FB. ape cerite tu..??

tak salah nak berkawan..menambah kenalan. tapi biarlah kene dengan caranya. bukan pukul 1pagi, on FB tengok ade anak dara masih online pergi PING yer wahai suami-suami. FB tak salah. it's not being created untuk merosak kan rumah tangga..tapi manusia-manusia ini yang silap.

lagi satu nak tegur. pasal relationship status. kalau yang masih baru ber'deting-detong' it's ok lah bile gaduh tuko status 'it's complicated' huhuhuhu gaduh-gaduh manje gitu *kekonon*

tapi kalao yang dah kawen tu tolong lah matang sikit. kawan-kawan dalam friendlist korang tahu kot, korang dah kawen. so jangan lah main-main nak tukar status 'it's complicated' lah or 'in open relationship'. betul, korang nak share dengan  orang lain pasal masalah korang. dengan harapan biler share to public, akan ade yang comfort korang, bagi semangat and all that kan. tapi hal rumah tangga better lah korang carik nasihat darpada yang lebih pakar. biler dah finalize, di takdirkan tuhan korang berpisah (mintak dijauhkan) baru lah nak buat announcement. itu pun kalau korang tak kisah.

just a reminder, lagi korang dedahkan hal-hal rumah tangga kepada umum, lagi menampakkan keburukan ke dua-dua belah pihak kan. berbincang dulu secara baik..pergilah kaunseling itu lebih baik sebelum nak buat announcement secara public nih. lelaki dan perempuan masing-masing ade ego so..jangan ikutkan sangat ego dan emosi yer... ^_^
*boleh pakai ker nasihat dari orng yang belum kawen nih -_-' *

voice message: haaa those yang interested untuk kenal dgn lelaki di atas, let me know keyh. boleh drop comment or maybe can email mE ^_^


Friday, October 14, 2011

the wedding band..salah ker..??

yer saye mahu kawen x lame lagi..not a secret anymore pun kan.. =P

on of things yang mE really look forward is finding the wedding band for both of us.
i don't know why..maybe sebab banyak sangat tengok cite omputih kot, tu yang nak sangat ade wedding band kan..*gedix*

jadi the hunting of wedding band begins...
as for mE, prefer just a simple band. which suitable to wear on daily basis. even for him, i do want him to wear one. one of my uncle said it's not part of adat to exchange the ring. erk..soo..?? tak salah kan dari segi agama lelaki memakai cincin selagi cincin tu not made of gold. >.<

mencari cincin lelaki nih x sesenang yang di sangka. one of the reason is size. men rings doesn't come in variety of size and design, plus noted what size he gonna wear -_-'. the one catch my eyes tru the internet x der pulak jual kat M'sia nih -_-' adehhh. jumpe yang menarik..but the sapphire stone looks like plastic cincin tikam jer -_-'. but finally, alhamdulillah we agreed on a particular design and book for it coz it's simple and nice.

same wif my wedding bands. sleek and simple.
talking bout women ring..we both kindda confuse. the one wif diamond, is it shuld be a wedding band or the one yang simple..?? kalau ikut pemahaman sendiri, the wedding band yang akan di pakai hari-hari so simple n sleek design will be the best and the one with diamond maybe once a while so just make it an engagement ring..owh yup i'm gonna have 2 rings, 1 for engagement and 1 for wedding (membatalkan air sembahyang). tak per lah, which one is which pun..yang penting it still from the person i love plus both also will be disarungkan on the same day. ^____^ huhuhuhu.
tak pasti ini adat atau ape. sebab ikutkan a malay women gonna hav 3 different rings; merisik, bertunang and kawen. is it too much..?? kind of lah jugak..penuh jari jemari dengan cincin.

for those yang tengah mencari their wedding band, my suggestion pilih yang mane uols suke bukan orang lein yang suke.(kenape ayat aku dah pelik semacam..err abaika -_-)
*maksud tersirat* kang ader pulak makcik lah dok hasut haaa mintak cincin yang batu dier at least 5 carrat..haaa make sure emas kuning..bla..bla..mak cik mintak kat husband mak cik lah yer =P buweek. so paham dah biler aku cakap carik yang korang suke tu.. ^_^

like for mE i more into the band design not the diamond. but having a good diamond will be added point. =) know and learn bout diamond is kind of intersting tho. finally, all will depend on the capital -_-' the most important point actually wuuu..

both picture is from Goldheart SG website.
like the design coz it have that signature sapphire stone inside of the ring. smart and simple yet elegance rite ^_^

voice message: perfect cut..? hearts and arrow? waaa so many thing...but at the end  'hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam' <--ini peribahasa melayu yer


mental illness..?? it's getting more creppy..

arghh...!!! tension jer bacer news lately.

paling tak boleh terime. BAPA 27 tahun LIWAT anak 23 HARI..

ape nak jadi lah dengan Malaysian today nih. agak-agak lah kalau gersang pun. alasan sebab isteri dalam pantang so tidak dapat di'gauli'. tapi adakah itu bermakna, kau boleh meliwat anak kau yang baru berusia 23 hari. kau siap tekup mulut budak tu tak nak kasi orang dengat baby tu nangis. aku yang bace berite nih pun rase nak nangis tau. even aku dah besor panjang nih pun, plus suke minum Milo yang kaww yang menghasilkan bahan buangan yang akan agak keras dari biasa pun boleh pedih vontot tau..
nih budak kecik. belum makan ape pun lagi..baru minum susu jer so for sure hasil buangan pun soft-soft jer gitu...boleh kau liwat...arggghhh..!!! tension..tension...

lates news on the case.
bapak baby di bawah pengaruh dadah semasa kejadian.
seriyesli rase nak sumbat jer vontot bapak durjana nih dengan dadah. bagi dier rase sakit ker sedap ker kene liwat tu.

at the same time terfikir jugak. Nasib lah baby tu lelaki. if the baby is a girl. arghhhhh..!!!
tak sanggup nak imagine.

then i wonder...tis accident will it cause any permanent  kecacatan to the baby or not eh..?? macam mane if the baby besar, tibe-tibe he read about this incidents tru the internet..?? yer lah now baby tak tahu ape-ape kan plus baby tak akan ingat pun. tapi sure baby akan tahu who's the father and mother. sekali taip name kat google, macam-macam cerite bleh keluar kan...pity the boy for his future.

for the father.
ikut kan hati, nak jer doakan yang tak baik. (sumbat die dalam penjara kemudian  biar banduan lain liwat dier beramai-ramai) tapi..semoaga Allah memberi balasan yang terbaik untuk si bapak itu.

voice message: jangan dipolitik kan isu ini...!


Saturday, October 08, 2011

tea time...!!

the one in the mug was crème brulee sumting~ sumting seedappp..!!

biler x der idea nak update ape..segala gamba makanan akan jadi mangsa. huhuhuhu
yup it was our tea time...he need his coffee once in a sumting sweet after meal.. ^_^

now i remember...
tis happen when we are at alamanda searching for new born gift for his friend. since both still quite full so just have a tea time together. chatting bout tis and that...

hurmm....what topic normally we chat about accept being a loved dovey couple..??

we talk almost bout everything..
from a cat...bout technical and gadjet, till even how to cook a dish...
that wat make both of comfortable with each other. when having a meal, we love to guest the ingredients used. hehehehe it fun...masing-masing nak jadi chef la pulak kan. masak nyer x pernah la pulak hahahaha.

i'm not a girl who will talk bout gucci, coach, long champ or wat so ever designer bag in town. it just not mE. but i do talk bout fashion like 'cantik nyer heels dier...'(sambil buat muncung itik tunjuk kat heels orang).
i don't talk bout 'I'm getting fat...' (sambil buat muke mintak puji...tapi tak berhenti kunyah food -_-')
but i do talk bout wat ideal weight u shud hav..what kind of diet u shud follow and will oso bersungguh-sungguh ingin pergi swim. (tapi talk pergi-pergi pun -_-)
i do talk bout gossip, retis, wat so i'm reading the blog serius hahaha en.pencuri hati kate "percaye sangat ape obefiend tu tulis...sekali dier tipu..." =P huhuhuhu betul jugak kan...

ok lah ntah ape aku merepek dah nih....till then..nanti kite cite-cite lagi eh.. ^_^



chocolate truffle by choc & fudge factory

a must cream n mE tidak dapat dipisahkan... ^_^


Friday, October 07, 2011

20% toll rebate..macam mane nak dapat..

sori lah lame tak update.
sebenarnye ikutkan banyak jer cerite nak kongsi, tapi sumtime dah terlepas kat twitter..jadi lupe nak update kat blog.

entri nih pun sebab ade follower kat twitter yang juge bekas teman sekerja tanye macam mane nak dapat rebate toll 20% nih. jadi entri ini di tulis khas untuk para pengguna tegar toll-toll di malaysia seperti..well siapa lagi kan...mE.. ^_^

1st of all..
kenalah ade card touch n go kan.

then registerkan card tersebut kat website sebenarnya touch n go nih ade 2 website, satu lagi just untuk just check e-statement so better to register at both system / website. (dekat website 20% rebate pun boleh check toll trabsaction cume dari segi system update agak lambat sedikit)

register for 20% rebate website

register for e-statement

so now dah register..yeay..!!

boleh lah tengok tol transaction. tapi major masalah dengan system / website plus nih, it's not daily refresh. -_-' ade mase-masenyer derang update the system dengan kite punye latest transaction. ade tu dah bulan June, tetibe ade rebate untuk February baru masuk sebab ade certain transaction yang tertinggal. untuk perkara ni, sile rujuk kepada pihak plus lah yer atau better kalau korang boleh manually keep track korang punye toll transaction.

toll transaction..bertapa saya menyumbang kepada toll

ala senang jer, kalau jenis frequent user, pergi balik kerja memang guna toll so by right korang dah tau lah sehari at least berapa kali korang pass by toll booth tu kan. macam mE, sehari at least 3 kali pada hari bekerja. aggaran sebulan hari bekerja adalah 20 hari, maka dapat lah 60 transaction. perlu lagi 20 transaction untuk mendapatkan rebate. so pandai2 lah calculate jalan bile nak merayap tu kan. amik yang banyak toll ker (masak lah bayar toll jer kerja nyer)

macam mane nak dapat kan rebate..?
owh rebate nih bukan lah di beri dalam bentuk cash yer kawan-kawan. tapi terus di kreditkan balik kedalam card touch n go masing-masing bile kite redeem.

bulan September nyer transaction 86 (sangat sudah melepasi syarat 80 transaction).
jumlah penggunaan pulak RM300.
maka jumlah rebate korang = 20% x RM300 = RM60
so korang boleh lah pergi kemana-mana pejabat toll atau rebate center untuk redeem rebate korang.

nampak tak my available rebate yg belum di'reedem'

mase nak kutip rebate nih pun ade mase-masenyer..sebab derang ade jadual nak refresh kan system rebate derang. so time system freez tak boleh kutip rebate. untuk jadual kemas kini system boleh rujuk kat gambar bawah nih.

rebate time (click for larger picture)

sebelum terlupa.
 next thing yang korang perlu tahu, ialah mane nak collect rebate nih kan atau name glamournyer rebate center.

(jap check kat website plus balik)
oryte..sile click kat link nih okeyh..

rasenyer itu sajer lah kot yang penting. hurmmmm....
hoping that they'll improve their system soonest possible. ^_^

ade lagi satu rebate by PLUS MILES..untuk yang nih saye kurang periksa pulak. kalau ade sesiapa yang gune PLUS MILE sile lah bagi komen eh.. ^_^

peringtan: transaction yang dikira hanyalah TOLL TRANSACTION yer bukan parking, neik LRT or bas Rapid KL or wat so ever..^^.


Friday, September 30, 2011

wedding 1#: senarai semak

skema tak..?
huhuhu senarai semak or check list.

nampak nye dah kene start buat check list -_-'
bile fikirkan all the things to be done at random, seem that i need all the time in the world to make it happen.
T_T ekzejeret betul.

secara jujur, I don't know where to start..
ooohhhemmmmjiiii...!!! >.<

breath in....breath out...
breath in....breath out...

focus aino..focus...(buat gaya meditating)

Tarikh Majlis
 date to confirm
reception - pihak perempuan
reception - pihak lelaki
Lokasi majlis
 date to confirm
reception - pihak perempuan
reception - pihak lelaki
Tema majlis (attire)
 date to confirm

reception - pihak perempuan

reception - pihak lelaki

Tema majlis (majlis)
 date to confirm

reception - pihak perempuan

reception - pihak lelaki

 date to confirm
Kursus kawen

Pemeriksaan kesihatan (HIV test)

juru nikah

saksi nikah

 date to confirm

wedding planner
 date to confirm

 date to confirm
reception - pihak perempuan

reception - pihak lelaki

 date to confirm

reception - pihak perempuan

reception - pihak lelaki

 date to confirm
pihak perempuan lelaki

pihak lelaki perempuan

senarai tetamu
 date to confirm
pihak perempuan

pihak lelaki

pengapit, pengiring serta pengacara majlis
 date to confirm
pihak perempuan

pihak lelaki

 date to confirm
pihak perempuan

pihak lelaki

cenderahati untuk tetamu
 date to confirm
pihak perempuan - Nikah

pihak perempuan - reception

pihak lelaki

 date to confirm

reception - pihak perempuan

reception - pihak lelaki

 date to confirm

reception - pihak perempuan

reception - pihak lelaki

finally i've came out with the above list ^_____^
nampak tak...?
bile kite bertenang, baru kite tahu ape nak buat. yeay..!! yeay..!! *lancing cucuk lagit*

actually details wat-to-do pun dah ade sikit-sikit above table just a basic layout jer. contoh yang details can be like this one.

Tema majlis (attire)bridegroom attireFamily member attier  date to confirm
reception - pihak perempuan
reception - pihak lelaki

how i wish i'm not a detail person. -_-'
nak pastekan the whole senarai semak besar sangat lah pulak. so share sikit2 jer lah eh..hehehe

nyway guys kindly pray my way through the event will sail smoothly. amin. InsyaAllah
*try to keep the positive vibe* ^_______^

voice message: can i have a vacation before i start ^_^