Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lomang abah den hangus.. -_-'

Cian abah den..
Bangun pagi-pagi carik buluh..carik daun pisang...
Dah lah anak daro eh tak nolong langsung -_-' (anak daro kuar merayap huhuhu)
Sebab kan leko (read as leka) memberosihkan ayam..lomang abah den hangus..sodeh nyo lahai..

lomang hangus -_-'

perasan tak buluh lomang ayah den..kuning uols... ^_^ it hav become our family treadmark..
sebab susah nak carik buluh hijau skang nih, kuning pun jadi..and mE rase lemang lagi cantek gune buluh kuning (makanan pun kene cantek and stylo)

voice message: macam nak raye jer kan buat lemang bagai...^_^ yup our family memang buat lemang nak sambut puasa. now rumah bau asap sudah -_-'


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

plagiat or plagiarism shame on you >:P (disable copy paste for blogspot)

have seen a few blog being plagiat..ish para peng'plagiat' nih tak der idea ker nak tulis blog..??
tu lah orang ade blog die nak ade blog jugak..tapi bile x der idea gi tiru blog orang. kalau tiru idea tu can be accepted la..but nih di select copy and paste. sumtime even gambo orang tu pun habis di cilok ngaku gambo sendiri -_-' sadis betul lah...

i'm not a hard core programmer or a damn good one..but here i share wif you guys some code.

for real code click here

code di atas hendak lah di paste between tag .... head
erk...before that, you shud hav know how to edit your blog using HTML function..
erk tak tahu..??  nak kene explain in details ker -_-' ( mE always assume blogger know how to write coding and navigate thru all the function available in blogspot dashboard..hehehe my bad since i'm in iT field =P )

never mind sharing is caring let me show you how..

#1 - go to your dashboard

Blogspot dashboard
at this dashboard do click at the Design link.

#2 - at design tab
the design tab
at 1.Design tab go to 2.Edit HTML function.

#3 - Expend Widget templates
check on the box for expend Widget Templates

#4 - insert the code
head tag
just paste the code after the head tag
how to find the head tag..?? just press Ctrl+F then type head in the text box.
taddaaa...!! now people can't simply copy your blog. great rite ^_^. (but if you read from the source site this method can still be hijack by those yang iT savy. wuuu memang peng'copy' tegar tu namenyer)
i've applied the code into mine yeay..!!

happy trying guys.

note: if you guys have any question regarding blog design you can drop at the comment box. will try to sort it out. sekali sekala bermain dengan coding adalah seronok.

voice message: no need to crack you head..uncle google have the answer for almost all questions.

i'm wordless =">


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

meet the family ~♥

the most heartbreaking moment..kalau jantung boleh simpan mE dah simpan tinggalkan kat rumah dah..

invitation was being told while i was on my vacation kat mabul lagi. wuuu tapi, since i'm still on vacation tak lah fikir sangat kan..lalala jer lagi tapi dah terasa jugak debaran nyer..
tapi bile mE balik on 1st July tu...dah rase macam hurmmm...tapi sempat lagi nak cool down diri dengan ayat nih;
"sedangkan sharks depan mate tak takut pun...ala nih nak jumpe orang jer kot"
statement sungguh berlagak tak hingat... =P

the day come..the whole week pun dah rase tak keruan...i've tweet a lot regarding it. sure my follower bosan bace kan. -_-' my main thing in mind was what to wear. this is a big issue...coz it gonna give the first impression to the family. silap pakai for the 1st meet up sure sampai sudah u'll be remembered. for me, i just wanna be plain and decent.

so adalah penting untuk tahu what kind of gathering they are having.
he said it gonna be makan-makan and ade bacaan doa selamat serta bacaan Yassin. in my family, if we are having this kind of gathering almost all gonna wear jubah or at least baju kurung. and for his family, everyone being casual just jeans/pants and blouse will do. waaaa i'm so confuse and uncertain. part of me saying just be yourself and wear a loose blouse wif jeans since all his couzins will wear the same. second of me saying, just be a nice girl wif plain baju kurung..not the flashy or 'mencapub' type.

sampai lah tiba hari kejadian.
still in confuse mode. i've change outfit for like 3 - 4 times -_-' huhuhuhu.
yup finally i just settled with a baju kurung. with pareo style matching kain =) yup can't help being a bit fashionable. for buah tangan, at first thinking to bake some bread pudding...tapi fikir nak pakai ape pun otak dah serabut...jadi hanye beli carrot kek kat secret recipe jer. settled.

his mum is soo darling and friendly type.
upon my arival terus ajak masuk rumah..kenal kan dengan semua orang..the uwan, the mak long, mak ngah, mak cik, mak cu, cousins, akak ipar, brother and sisters...berpeluh jugak nak ingat semua -_-'. Alhamdulillah everyone are so friendly. ^_^ yup i'm a bubbly type of person =) so have some chat with his mak cik, since his mak cik love baking and i love eating. waaa the banana choc cake adalah mak cik did put a lot of choc ganache on top of it..nyummmyyy~~ (teringat scene di dapur blush* blush* =">)

there is interview session after had our lunch with his mak cu. wuuuu cuakness..mak cu even told en.pencuri hati to get us a cup of coffee each. =(( uwaaa siriyes rase nak lari jer time tu. dah la kopi tu panas..imagine how long it gonna take if to wait till we finish the coffee..??
but at the end..nothing big pun. she just wanna have a chat bout my family..what i do..thinghs so on. and they said i'm a manja girl since i'm the only daughter in the family. -_-' can't be helped everybody noticing it even those who just meet mE for few hours.

in the evening just chillex wif his two sisters and nieces. playing beads. it fun. as i don't have any sisters in my life so having two sister in future gonna be a lots of fun. also brought them over to tutti fruitti. hehehe nyummyehh...wat a nice closing.

the plastic beads art that we played
image source from google

voice message: he's a family of many things i loike bout him..u'll be the man of the house dear.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sharing on how to snap good picture (by mE)

tenkiu to one of my reader. sebab kan cik reader senorita nih lah mE rase nak buat this entri. yup blog nih x ramai follower pun as i'm not searching for number of reader. it just a personal blog where i already expect people gonna be bored reading my rambling bout my life everyday yadda..yadda...yadda.

cut the story short.

oryte..first of all, i'm not a pro photographer.

secondly, i'm just using a sonycybershot T700 or sometimes using camera phone either from sony ericcson Aino (kasi highlight sikit) or Blackberry Bold. (you can notice the picture quality between this 2 phone camera) yes i do not own any DSLR.

ok my trick in snapping picture was the picture size. as you all can see most of my picture gonna be in HD size. macam mane nak cakap eh...hurmm kalo u guys ade digital camera, u do know that we could set the picture size. as for my T700 it have (...)

16:9 aspect ratio wif size of 7MB per picture, print up to A4 size sure x pecah punyer :)

mostly size yg mE gune 16:9 wif 2MB per picture.

so i'll go for the HD size or 16:9 picture size.
gamba akan berbentuk rectangular instead of square. kenapa pilih rectangular..?? entah just found it nice kot or maybe since now everything also go for HD. so nanti bile nak view dekat HD TV gamba akan still nampak cantek :)

how to focus or places the object in a picture or we call it angle. yup how to choose your angle.
technique nih belajar mase zaman sekolah. another #confession, i do take art as one of my SPM subject..i love painting art actually. adore how the artise draw and paint their pictures cantek..!!
ok back to the technique, my art teacher told me about 2/3 of the canvas gonna be the center poit of the picture. the point most of people gonna find the picture is interesting. it's not a must to put you focus point in the middle of the canvas. unless if you are going to paint a potrait.

this is how you estimate the 2/3 of the canvas.


the object to be focus can be place anywhere as long as it at 2/3 part of the canvas. i've been using this method for quite sometime still find the outcome cantek. at least for my own viewing =D

oryte let you guys do the justification.
object at center point
picture credit to Mike Ljdd friend in my FB
object at 2/3 point
from my justification.
1st picture is good as a whole..the background to make the picture look beautiful.
2nd picture, it focus more on the object itself.
so it's actually depending on what you want to show to you viewer and how the viewer interpreted it. in art there's no right or wrong because the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. ;)

voice message: art is sooo subjective. ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

alarm kereta ku yg weng sudah...-_-'

semanjak dua menjak nih alarm kereta selalu buat hal.
tak lah besar mane pun hal nye, tapi agak mencuakkan lah jugak.

lama2 boleh tenggelam button hijua nih me tekan

nak pergi kerja. tekan alarm nak ulock the's works as nothing wrong at all. lalalala drive sampai opis. park kereta, turun tekan alarm sekali. dua kali. tiga kali. sigh~ -_-' tak jugak boleh lock. kali ke empat berjaya. lalalala~ bayar parking, tekan alarm lagi untuk letak kan tiket parking, then tekan alarm to lock back. semuanye smooth. alhamdulillah.

tengah hari.
top up bayaran parking.
alahai lupe pulak tadi lock gune alarm or gune kunci..? (short term memory lost)
yakin. masuk kan kunci unlock the car. TEET..TEEET...TEEET...
alamak -_-'
tekan button alarm to unlock banyak kali tak jalan. (jangan cool kononnye)
pling..!! why not try to start the car. let see will the alarm goes off..?

it's turned off. phew~~ lega.
cuak jugak sebenarnye. kang tak pasal-pasal oarang ingat mE menceroboh kereta orang.

semalam. waktu nak balik tekan alarm button almost 20 kali, still tak unlock. so macam cuak lah kan. kang tak balik pulak kang. tapi bile pagi nak pergi kerja everything seem to be just fine. ishhh...kene tuko battery alarm lah macam nih.

plus car have been block by 3 motorcycles -_-'. one owner of motorcycle do come faster. another two i just don't know how to get the owner attention. dah la x tinggalkan any phone number that i can contact. plus one of the motorcycle even lock the handle. kalo x lock at least i buat buat muke kesian and asked sumone to help mE push the motorcycles.

did tweet..'agak2 kalo aku langgar or tendang motor nih boleh x..?' (sorry sound a bit harsh..tgh marah) waited for almost 20minutes for the owner to move the motorcycles.

voice message: i don't mind you double park behind mE, but do leave your number. so tat i can contact. if you use tis method to get my number u'll disappointed since i've set my number to private =P

day 5 - Sipadan Island

yeay....!! akhirnye kami ke Pulau Sipadan.
seronok sebab dapat pergi one of the best place to dive in the world.
sedih sebab pergi Sipadan just for snorkeling -_-'
dan tak pasal-pasal instructor kami pun snorkeling in Sipadan..breaking his record. he said this his first time going to sipadan just for snorkerling hahaha we called him snorkel master =P

why we only snorkeling there, in Sipadan...??
oryte let me tell you the story. sobs..sobs..sobs.. :((
as i've posted in this entry, by 27th June all of us should have finish the course and go for fun dive in Sipadan. unfortunately due to missjudge on the weather forecast and self ability -_-' we can't complete the course within 3 days. have to extend the stay. i did asked either we can change our Sipadan permit date..the answer is NO..uwaaaaa so that is why we only manage to go for snorkeling in Sipadan and this gonna be a reason why i shoud come back to Mabul again =D (let's planning for the next trip..forcing both my younger brother to take diving licence too hahahaha)

so let mE share wif you guy some of the pictures we capture in Sipadan.
i love their beaches so much...white sandy beach...the sand really..really smooth..the water crystal clear..perfect..!!

Pulau Sipadan jauh ke tengah


crystal clear water

white sandy beach

before doing any activities in this island, visitors need to register their name. as all the permit already pre-booked before the visitor coming to the island. so waiting for registration is time for cam whoring..!!


the geng ^_^ Niniey, Fara n Camy

Map of Sipadan n dive point

Registering for the permit

us ^_^

eventho it just for snorkerling, we need to wear our wet suits. yeah i did told in my previous entry that the wet suits will make you float actually. why it does so..??  yup the wet suits which we used is 3mm thick which one of it layer is made of foamy meterial. this layer will actually trap some air inside it. so that is why it can make you float. to know such information, somehow give me a confident to swim in the open sea. (*show off sungguh*)



yup we ready to snorkeling -_-'
a single trip to Sipadan will allow you to have 3 dive there. in between each dive Uncle Chang will provide the food for tea break between 1st dive and 2nd dive. then lunch between 2nd dive and 3rd dive. the break will be taking place at the island it self. there is toilet and a gazebo for all groups to set up their foods.

at left side is Pos kawalan Sipadan

in front of the toilet

super panas oooo -_-

about Sipadan

nice shot rite...u girls really know how to pose good job..!!

^_^ mE

coming to Sipadan, for mE i have one goal. yup to meet wif mr/mrs turtle. yup i do meet a few turtles @_@ they are really cute with their big eyes. while snorkeling..once i did have the chance to swim beside a turtle. i really want to touch it but i'm afraid =P afraid that i might hurt it. how i wish i could capture that moment. need an underwater casing. yup there's underwater camera but i still prefer using the casing.

looking for shark trail

the picture above a dive master Jeckson and our instructor looking further to the sea..looking for a shark. yup, while we're snorkeling, the boatman told my instructor that he saw a shark trail (by looking at the wave left by the shark - don't ask me how they know) so our instructor become excited to chase over the shark that is why i miss the moment with mr.turtle. you really owe mE a moment with turtle Ornate..!! i don't care eventho u said turtle is a common thing in Sipadan but still, i didin't see it everyday in my life. hurmm yeah...i did saw small sharks while snorkeling but the sharks were in deeper water. so nothing to be afraid of.

lastly let mE share some pictures of those who when for diving in Sipadan.
only instructor dive wif cap i guess =P
going deeper in the water

yup that it..our day trip to Sipadan. bay the way do guys know the kidnap incident in Sipadan back in year 2000..?? one of the instructor in Uncle Chang was on of the abduction (haven't heard the full version of his story yet). due to that, visitor only allow to be around the island till 4 pm.

voice message: went for swimming lat nite...and now i'm confuse either to exhale tru the nose or mouth -_-' plus, become lazy to kick coz of the fin keh..keh..keh..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

picture that worth a thousand word~♥ (for mE)

mungkin ramai yang tak tahu yang mE suke amik gamba. selain vain dengan diri sendiri (admit) i love nature shot very much and also food shot. ^_^ plus mE juga sangat suke macro shot.

letih nak update pasal Sabah trip, let mE share wif you guys some picture that i snap around there. i'm not a pro photographer so jangan la compare my skill wif pro. i'm still learning.

uncle chang dive lodge

Jeti Pulau Sipadan

Sipadan beach


sunrise around 6.40am love the clouds

a breathtaking scenery


a must shot when i go anywhere

fooooooood ^_^

sunrise captured by phone camere

the color just match...♥ love it ♥

being vain..can't help it (self captured -_-')

worth a thousand words



do gimme your opinion do i qualified to be a photographer..? =P
should i get myself a DSLR..erk it too bulky for mE still prefer a compact camera actually.

do i edit the picture..??
yup i do..adjust the brightness and darken a bit also adjust the contrast plus add a vignetting and also the boarder. just basic editing which being done using a software. No, i'm not using the adobe photoshop too tedious la malas. huhuhu...

voice message: now..i think i do need the underwater casing for my Sony cybershot. yup let's me show my skill with underwater creatures.