Sunday, February 27, 2011

pinky and the brain..brain..brain..

kenape saye sangat begitu suke pink..??
saye sendiri pun tak tahun..foud pink is sweet, attractive, girly and oso gedix hahaha

just add up another pink stuff into my collection.. ^_^ it's
Fossil Raspberry Patchwork Leather Hobo

picture copied from

hurmm i kindda like this brand coz their bag made of genuine soft leather so it hardly worn out even after couple of years..i'm a bit choosy when it comes to choose a handbag. hard to find a handbag which catch my eyes once i found it..haaa tu dia abis duit =P 

owh sebelum terlupa...i bought it online through this blog it's a special order. the blogger had sold the bag once, and i did asked can sher order 1 for mE..and yup she did order 1 for mE but have to wait for almost a month for the item to be posted here to's worth waiting for it tho..

kalo you guys berminat on certain bags or watches do browse her blog. =) she also offer installment payment method for certain items. but the things need to bare is the waiting time for the item to be reach at your doorstep ^____^ if u really interested i bet you don't mind waiting, rite ;)

oryte till then..

voice message: cik.aino please stop collecting pinky stuff...wuuhuuu well some people said, pink is the new black.. =D

old buddy...after almost 9 years~~

last week i met up wif my old buddies back during the matriculation. we actually are schoolmate in SAMURA but never had a chance being close during that time...

well, kenduri kawen always be a place of reunion =D so tenkiu to dr.suria n hubby for inviting us..
let pictures do the talking...
mE and pn.Inaz

us at the entrance ^_^ canteeeekkk!!

unfortunately i can't stay long for this wedding coz, i'm having another event which was the main of the day...huuu~~ so x sempat nak beramas mesra dengan geng2 sekolah yang lein..some other time ok guyss.. ^_^

voice message: selamat pengantin baru untuk semua!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

pick up line~~ bluwekkk** =P

there's a guy in my office do IM me tru office IM...
arghh~~ aku nih allergic giler kalo orang bagi pick-up line jenis2 macam chaters kat YM or other IM services.
tapi nih IM office orang nyer aku kenal lah rite..

sile click on the picture to enlarge..

 erk FYI this guy not a could you guess where he come from..?? 
he did ask for my number, he me gave his number and asked me to misscall as if u'll get my number by tat..hahahaha..owh my number already being set to i'm really considering to have separate number personal n work..hurrmmm~~ or shud i say i'm consider to leave this project sooooooonn as fast as i could.. 

voice message: eeeuuuwww..x suke..x suke...

Friday, February 25, 2011

cucu ke 41 @_@

i have a big family on pn.Emak side.
pn.Emak siblings are 12 altogether, and pn.Emak is the eldest which make my brother the eldest grandson n mE the eldest granddaughter -_-" (x best jer..) tak mo cite pasal sume cucu2 pn.Uwan..just nak share our cousin yang ke 41..Muhammad Wafiudin son of Induk my youngest aunty.

kecik2 dah pandai posing comel..guuud boy!!

bby wafi terpegun melihat makhluk santek di depan mate
induk nih anak uwan yang paling bongsu sekali.
mase pn.Induk ke~kecik dulu die tinggal dengan my family. mase tu mE duduk Jasin. mE selalu buli pn.Induk hahaha i'm really a mischievous kid back then...once, i remember, i did  sumbat roti into induk mouth forcefully during fasting month..hahaha (evil laugh >:) ) keji kan mE sebagai seorang niece huuu~~ insaf kejap...

banyak lagi sebenarnye ke-kejaman mE terhadap pn.Induk. yer lah our age gap just 5 years.. =P
padan muke!! huuu~~
ok lah..till here malas nak cite pasal pn.induk dah...but her son really~ really~ really~~ cute...wish bby Wafi will grow up beinga wise, handsome guy..but don't be a heart breaker ok! =D

voice massage: i really like babies..they really are a cute, adorable creature 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

food review... Rooibos cafe @ ara damansara

it have been quite sometime i'm writing about food.

mE and food are those who are close to mE they'll knew how good my appetite is. =D ngee~~
some of my friend do refers to mE for recomendation. ^_^
oryte enuf bout mE and my eating let's see wat this Rooibos Cafe offered to their customer.

event: farewell of my colleague kak Zaratna
place: Rooibos Cafe, Ara Damansara
specialty: western

let see the fud, before that let me warn you out for the sound made by your baby dragon!! ^____^

kite tgok menu dulu eh ^_^

^_^ waaa~~

fried prawn

prawn fettucini

they offer few other chicken chop

how bout the price? well the price range will be around RM15 for pasta, RM15 for chiken chop and RM30 for lamb...drinks will be around RM3 to RM10 if i'm not mistaken.

last but not least..yang diraikan...

kak Ana, Kak Nida n mE

well mE gonna attend a few more farewell after this..the team here getting smaller =( x besh..nanti x der kawan lunch lagi huuuwaaa~~ sob* sob* sob*. nyway all the best to Kak Ana, jangan sedih2 tau lepas nih boleh talk bout telco pulak penat dah tengok flight operation issue huu~~

*ade farewell kat italiannies last week, tapiiiii -_-" lapar sangat lupe snap gambar wuuu~~

voice massage: cik Aino biler banner anda nak siap.. =P

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

congratulation mommy bun bun!!

my dearie mommy bun bun telah selamat menjadi mommy to a cute bby boy on last 17th Feb 2011..
wahhh~~ seronok nye..

un-named, panggil bby boy jer..
to iezawani and Azman for the new born baby boy..

well tis boy really gonna be a hawt stuff..all around him gonna be super gorgeous, hawt, single mommies wannabe ^_^ hahahaha.. waaa~~ x sabar nk tunggu bby boy besar...nanti bby boy besar jagelah ibunda bby boy beik2 tau..

ok nanti wiken kalo mommy aino free, mommy akan datang lawat bby boy n ibunda bby boy eh..
nanti bile ayahnda sudah pergi kerjarin juga mommy aino akan datang lawat bby boy ok..dun be notty~~!!

may you grow as a gud guy who gonna take care of your mommy...

sebelum terlupe, hebat lah mommy bun bun..deliver without any epidural or even laughing gas..tabik spring jap..toing~~!! toing~~!!

voice massage: waaa~~ nak ade baby jugak @_@ huuu~~~

magic bean growing n growing...

remember my last entry bout the magic beans? kalo x ingat do click here.

yup the bean had grow!! big n healthy (blasah la coz pokok doesn't talk =P)
it have grown this big..

magic beans sudah besar
and today its' still keep on growing...
leaves count juge sudah bertambah..saye sungguh happy~~ lalalala~~
yeay terbukti saye boleh menjadi petani berjaya!!

ok next wat shud i take care of?? ^_^
ngee~~ =D mule lah tu nk menggedix kan =P

oryte as of for now consider mission accomplish!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

new look ^_^

yeahhhh~~ ♥ is in the air..

maka haruslah mood sume mari tukar blog layout... ^_^
(ade kaitan kah..?? x kire ade jugak =P)

the old design, no more..~~
the new design as uols can's clean n simple..mE likeyyy~~
currently, sedang meng'kilat otak' (read as brain storming :P) on how to design the header... >.< x der idea...tolong!!!

ehhh~~ mane pergi nuffnang adv?? @_@ alamak kene carik balik how to insert it back..?? short term memory lost =P my bad..sabar yer en.nuffnang nanti mE add balik..

owh tengah tunggu entri pasal en.pencuri hati yer...sile tunggu lagi eh..not yet to revealed...nak simpan sorang2..cume mE nak bagitau mE miss en.pencuri hati near to my heart yet so far from my eyes..huhuhuhu~ :"> blush*~ blush*~

voice massage: wah banyk nye mase free boleh update blog yer cik.aino 0.o rase sungguh bersalah -_-"

single no more ^_^ step 1..

As' Salam..

lame rasenye tak merepek kat sini...
well finally i break the news kat FB..yup i'm no longer single and available pheewiiiitt~~ =P
semua tertanya-tanye siapakah encik pencuri hati itu? nakal betul beliau telah membawa lari hati ku yang sekeping tu..dah lak tu bawak lari jauh-jauh huuu~~ pas tu tinggalkan mE lame-lame mungkin itu hobi baru beliau, en.pencuri hati =P

macam mane boleh kenal dengan en.pencuri hati?
wuuu~~ happen to be, mE was being invited by one of my ex colleague for her son Aqiqah. well orang dah jemput rite and plus it have been quite some time after our last met up so why mE go to the Aqiqah ceremony. lalalala~~ bersama cik.areknee juge cik.kiki. kami bergerak ke rumah pn.sarini untuk melawat baby umar rifhan. sampai kat umah pn.sarini kumpulan marhaban dah sampai maka terus menuju ke ruangan dapur..masuk jer dapur telah dihadapkan dengan ini... @_@ three of us fav kuih.. irresistible
kuih apam...yummyyy~~!!
 yer betul kami memang pantang nampak makanan...huuu~~ owh please behave cik.aino when u're at someone house -_-"

hurmm tibe-tibe..kami di datangi oleh seorang makhluk yang sungguh grrrr~~ menggeramkan.. mate bertukar menjadi @_@ woooow!~~
tengok lah pipi labuh bby nih grrr~~

eh kenape tetibe rase macam dah out of topic nih ~_~ wuuu~` ampooon...
yup there is where our first met. i did notice a pair of eyes looking at mE =P bluwek* cik.aino yang sungguh perasan...tak per lah beliau tengokjer pun..mungkin mase tu hati beliau sudah hampir di curi...wahahaha :"> blush* blush* ngeee~~ owh nothing happen at pn.sarini house.

bile mE balik...petang tu dapat call dari cik.areknee...wah jarang cik areknee call if we don't have any plan ahead. yer cik.areknee bgatu there is someone interested to know mE. erk~~ by tat i think i know who. tetibe terasa muke menjadi panas..wuuhuuu~~~

i just love baby's smells...rase mau makan gagaga~~

well i allow cik.areknee to pass my FB account. as you all know i really restricted my profile, cannot be search, cannot be simply view by friends of friends...even my about mE caption is "in some reason u might be put into the restricted group of mine and i don't add strangers.." clearly said, i only accept those whom i really know or properly introduce themselves. well we did exchange a few PM through FB till i decided why don't we just chat..coz lately i kinda lazy to log in to my FB account =P (tolong lah percaye yer) ...then we did exchange our number... ^_^
hurmm what so weird was...i was easily gave my number which is so not mE huu~~ well en.pencuri hati harus lah berterima kasih kepada cik.areknee sebab telah berjaya membuatkan mE bersetuju utuk berkawan n berkenal huuu~~ sound soooo not mE. yup atas cadangan, so mE agreed to be friend, to get to know en.pencuri hati. that the start of i'm no more single..... ^______^

bersambung kepada next entry mE agree for first date blush* blush* wuuuhuu~~ peewit mE g deting  =P

voice massage: start to miss you en.pencuri hati. don't be notty ok..

Saturday, February 05, 2011

let's grow the magic beans --> (day 1)

remember in the previous entry i wrote about magic beans which i bought at sunway pyramid.

here i write an entry for today is the day 3 mE tanam the beans.

the soil

the flower pot

the beans which are free if u buy the soil n flower pot for the price rm9.90

beans ready to grow~~

before putting the beans into the soilf, first u need to soak the bean in water for 5 minutes. pour the soil into the flower pot, then wet the soil. make sure u are not putting the bean too deep into the soil.
since today already day 3 let see the growth picture.

DAY 2 ~~ it's coming~~
DAY 3 it's really growing yeay!!

voice massage: can the bean grow till the sky as wat we read in the Jack n the bean stalk? hehehe

long update..a very long one ^____^

yeahh as the title i've warn u..tis gonna be long..
jarang rasenye mE update panjang2 kalo panjang pun gambo jer lebih kan..tis time it gonna be a bit longer than the usual and it come wif lots of picca ^_^

oryte it start wif my wiken which so called girls day out..yeay my bestie tuan tanah keduang mengajak mE meneman beliau membeli belah..since the wiken gonna be hari wilayah marching so we avoid to enter the city center so i suggest we go sunway pyramid..ala shopping mall yang ade kepala spynx tu..maka selaku pak supir, have to pick up cik Wannabe n oso Cik mAmA di LRT Kelana Jaya. seperti perjanjian pengembaraan bermula jam 12.00 tgh hari..

sesi wajib camwhoring =P
misi mencari parking berjalan dengan sangat2 lancar in less then 20minits dapat parking ^_^. 
first thing first, mari kite isi minyak a.k.a isi perut dulu. masing2 dah lapar (i only had cereal for break fast tat morning) so thinking wat to eat..we end up choosing ole-ole bali. since i've been to this place before but at other outlet so mE kindda suggest to have our lunch here coz of the deco n surrounding oso the fud.

ole-ole bali

cik Wannabe wif her fud ayam bumbu, ayam die 1/2 portion not 1/4 tau

mojito lemongrass drink

chicken n lamb combo

chicken n beef combo

u'r truly wif the chosen menu chicken n lamb combo

sesi makan juga adalah sesi mengupdate stori-mori. sebab bile dah berjalan nanti x sure x sempat nak update cerite ceriti kan. since all of us attend the same university, mE and cik Wannabe were close as we even go to same company for our industrial training. we update about our friend who mostly had settle down, ask ourself when will it be our turn? hahahaha neither one of us could answer that question dang!~~ update bout our work. my update is for sure bout my boss who really make me piss off last week >P benci boss itu but then i have to be a poker face in front of him, yeah to show that i'm professional. yaddaa..yadda..update here n there, we're done wif our fud alhamdulillah...

nk senyum pun dh x larat kenyang sangat dah huhuhu

i'm full tat's why i'm covering the perut :">
at the entrance of ole-ole bali sunway pyramid

so tank dah full time to jalan-jalan mencari hasil tangkapan.since i'm the only one who is familiar with sunway pyramid, so i'm kinda being a tourist guide la. padahal sendiri pun x berapa nak hafal huuu~~ sesape rasa nak senang bersalin nanti boleh buat tour kat sunway pyramid giler besar!!!

shopping time!!!
first thing that had make a hole in my purse.
yeay new blush 'Foolish Me' from M.A.C
yup this is my first M.A.C. mase browsing around the shop i was seduce by the brush set. uwaaa yup since primary i like brushes. back then i like to have a collection of painting brush yeah i even can't remember when was my last time doing painting. my long lost obsession. =(. we did snap a few picca in the shop till one of the kerek promoter sound 'kat sini x boleh amik gambar yer'.owwh yeah?? kan aku dah mengadu secara onlinec=P. ini lah akibatnye biler korang tak treat customer well kan dah dapat name buruk. now everything is just at the finger tip tau. so i'm kindda banded M.A.C sunway pyramid punye promoter. bile org google pasal M.A.C sunway harap terjumpe ler entri nih.

cik mAmA or kamy

yours truly at the counter there goes  ~$$~ huuu

cik Wannabe ^^

sedang di touch up oleh one of the promoter (abaikan perut itu.. -_-")

tangkapan pertama oleh yours truly yang konon nye x der bende nk beli bluwek =P tipu jer...
then we almost stop at all shops in the mall.huuu~~ -_-" next long stop was at padini concept store coz mAmA nak beli office wear. when to jusco since it almost 4pm time to our zohor n asar before we continue on our exploration of the day. browse for some tops, pants n shirs n jusco too ^_^.. oryte masing2 dah penat let's have another pit stop...

pit stop at the best dessert recommended by mE the BR!!!
we dip,
you drip.

muke orang *sexcited jumpe eskem

tengok tu~~

taste tester face..

omo..omo..they're ruining my diet

our choice of flavour -baseball nut-perils of praline-choco ape ntah x tau-

alang-alang diet rosak kite blasah jer..

dah jangan ingak ko sorang jer cik wanabe kami pun nak makan jugak =P
yup we bout 1 quart of ice cream. huhuhu this shud be cik mAmA treat. but since it's quite expensive we do top it up together enjoy sesama kene lah bayar sesama gak kan ^_^

-------wah i told you it's gonna be very long------

next we still wandering around the sunway pyramid, looking for cik Wannabe's lenses..yadda..yadda i can't feel my leg anymore..giler penat -_-" after buying the lenses then we decided tat the last for the chuuppp~~
before tat...we did stop at a small booth selling magic beans..
the magic beans..friend forever & All the best

that's the end of sunway pyramid exploration..penat!
so let's have yam cha before sending those two back home sweet Bangsar here we go ^_^. lepak kat chawan bangsar pulak.

masing-masing udah kecapekkan

cik Wannabe yang still bertenaga untuk mengajar gaya pose terkini pruneee~~

actually we did wanna watch movie but since it's saturday nite i don't think there's gonna be tix available for us. so after hang out kat chawan i decided to go to uptown danau kota ingat nk carik shawl n inner =P yeah it's sound so not mE..please doakan i'll change for good sooner or later eh..

but danau kota, i when into a small accident.
kaki yg bengkak lepas di urut mcm makin worst -_-"
tat's the end of my day girls out..adeh till today masih sakit ooo...mcm mane lah mE boleh kene langgar as pejalan kaki? plus dekat pasar malam... -_-" journey begin on the 30 Jan 2011 by going to police station to make a report then wen to hospital for x-ray..huuu~~
this really make me wanna stay at home dah jangan merayap lagi huuu~~

voice massage: keluar dari pagi sampai malam...x boleh ker duduk rumah? really~ for serious need to learn how to stay at home..blajar kemas rumah, masak -_-"..huu~~ can someboday please 'ikat' mE =P