Tuesday, August 17, 2010

love trainer~~ men are like puppies

A book which i bought on the early May..
only yesterday on the 16.o8.2o1o i finally manage to finish it =D
well i kindda like the book..(but it's kindda a bit draggy)
self motivate... especially for those who just had a heart broken.. (yeay it's me)

it's not tat the book teach you to treat your men like a dog. (ikat kat tiang hahaha)
it is about to become dominant in relationship (rules the pack) .actually this rules apply to both men and women.
sometime one party tend to take the relationship just for granted. they only realize it only when the other person was gone.

this book also tells how to be hard to get.
how to deal with broken heart, cool and relax cause it's not the end of the world.
the book taking life in London where women are kinda afraid being alone when they reach their end of 3o's.
hahaha but back in malay's women will get paranoid when they reach their end of 2o's..
well it's about culture.
when u got your heart broken, don't blame it to yourself, don't just jump to anyone who show interest in u.
be cool, relax and chill.
how bout rebound?
eventho u're in a serious relationship for quite long, it's doesn't mean u'r partner are happy or sincerely happy with u. it just they felt safe. they are in the safe zone where he/she knows tat you love he/her and will not leave you. or maybe you just think i must be wif this person or else i will be single and left alone for my entire life.

some quote from the books
" Untrained men are like naughty puppies"

  •  they wee on the floor
  • they think they can get away with murder by gazing mournfully into your eyes
  • they wine when you say no
  • they stay out late and scratch at the door begging to be let in

some advice you can get through this book

  • should i call him even though he hasn't called me?
  • why wasn't he called even though i've texted, left two massage on his mobile and one on his landline?
  • is he worth the effort if i'm not even sure i want to marry him?
  • when he turns up drunk in the middle of the night wanting a shag, do i say yes or no

~the love trainer~

voice massage: believe that, there's always someone right for you out there waiting. be patient and keep on looking for that person.

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