Thursday, January 30, 2014

En.suami beralih tahun.. entering 3 series...

Last sunday was en.suami 30th birthday..
Same old same old issue..what should i get a boy who is trapped in a man body..??

Well his birthday present do come early this year..
but still.. I wanna do something or give him something on the day an idea just pop into my brain..hehehehe

As we used to enjoy eating out...which sekarang dah jarang (pppffftttt sebab i've been transfered to cyberjaya) so the idea is basically let's go out and eat. But i put it in a surprise way ^_^

I've gave him 8 eat-out vouchers...which will all fully paid by non other..his wife..errr...hahaha shud make a trick here..but of course all 8 places are according to my budget.. =p
Print it on paper (the name and address) paste it on a card and put it in envelopes.
And finally put it in a box..'s not that simple..i've labeled it according to different categories..

and there are 3 simple rules..
1. He can pick one envelope per pay
2. He can pick 3 envelope wif different categories per day as long as he wanna drive all around KL
3. He must bare wif the wife obsession of taking pictures... *wink* 

Also bought him a book to read... ^____^

To date...en.suami only manage to use one envelope...lunch at..
Mukha Café, TTDI... (will try to review the food in next post keyhh...i said i'll try kan not promise)

Last but not least..

Dear en.suami,
I'm wishing u all the best for many..many..many years ahead...
Marrying you is the best thing that i'll treasure as long as i live..
“Ya Allah...
sepertimana kau satu kan hati kami dalam perkahwinan ini...
satu kan juga kami di akhirat kelak...insyaAllah...amin.."

Note: ingatkan baby jer demam bile beralih bulan..tak sangke bile dah masuk 3 series nih pun demam..beralih tahun kot... ;p