Friday, March 04, 2011

arrrrrggghhh~~~ it's really bordering mE -_-"

i'm sick of people who is so selfish!!
arggghh i just don't know with whom i could share this...things keep on wandering in my mind..
how i wish i could just brainwash everybody...
i want to live in a happy world..

why can't i have a life without any conflict..??
why can't everybody being tolerate n rational..??
where those positive thinking the elders teach us to practice when they even can't be positive themselves..??
why just people forgive and forget..??
why people tend to be 'keras hati' even to the people they loved..??
why people don't think about others feeling and keep on hurting other..??
why when being angry they throw things..??
why they loose their rationality when they're angry..??

OR am i too "baik hati"...??

voice message: forgive and positive..peace to all..

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