Saturday, March 12, 2011

dessert time... @_@

macam banyk fud review jer lately...(patut lah put on weight =P)
tis time let drooling wif the dessert.. =D sluurrpppp~~
while waiting for the Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa...decided to have some dessert...

at ZEN midvelly megamall
ZEN cafe actually is a so called Cosmopolitan Cafe by Secret Recipe. so most of the fud served is more or less the same as Secret Recipe. but they serve more range of dessert...yummy~~ want to know more bout ZEN cafe..?? can ask uncle Google or just click here ^^

for him..
chocolate marshmallow
for mE
creme brulee

review sikit..
chocolate marshmallow..yummy~~ cheesy..nyumm..nyumm.. bak kate en. pencuri hati Nyummychudabuchi. =D
creme brulee..hurmm not wat i expected..but tis the first time i try it...rase die macam puding caramel cume caramel die nk kate nyummy sangat pun x boleh sebab kalo puding caramel tu macam dah biase rase...ker memang begitu rasenye..entah..blasah la..yang pasti dua dua pun licin...alhamdulillah~~

voice message: dessert always will be my favorite meal ^^ skip yang lein sume pun x per janji ade dessert..

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