Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lorong Seratus Tahun..another kopitiam ^_^

another fud review by mE ^_^
biler x der idea nak update, i'll update bout fud.. ^_^ saye suke makan..

this time..another kopitiam..Lorong Seratus Tahun (LST) located at SS2. actually wanna go to Murni SS2. tapi sebabkan mE terkonpius dengan keadaan jalan -_-" (selalu drive sendiri, tetibe org drive lupe jalan terus -alasan-) end up here at first wanna have a lite dinner..yeah rite don't you ever believe mE wen i said i wanna lite dinner coz i'll end up to be the one yang makan banyak.. ~_~" huhuh

the menu nice presentation.

Chee Cheong Fan

sotong kangkung 
cendol..lupe nk rase..but it do look yummmy kan sluuurrrpp~~

yup i end up having nasi most favorite nasi.. -_-"

the Nasi Lemak !!

the taste..??
for sure sedap..normally any kopitiam type of kedai pun haven't failed my taste bud yet. ^_^ eh ade kot satu yang x berapa famous..lupe lah name die..hurmm lupe nak cite nasi lemak nih ayam die banyak..nasi dah habis pun ayam tak habis-habis jenuh pulak nk ratah ayam semata-mata after that..

voice message: a few had notice tat i put on weight yeay!!!! sangat seronok..

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