Wednesday, March 16, 2011

three things which always need me to compromise..
sumtime i've made plan wif my friend for get together, suddenly receive call there gonna be kenduri at kampung.
for sure family come first...
how about if, there's kenduri at kampung then suddenly got short notice for an important meeting (work).
for sure i'll choose work..wuu~~ unless if the kenduri if my wedding hahaha obviously =P
but then if i've choose work over family once the work complete, i'll go for friend meet will left sad :(
yup there are lot's of other possibilities..

some of my high school friend back in Kluang

for now people at work always said,
'you're still single rite, so wat's wrong to work extra hours. u balik awal buat ape..? no kids to watch over rite'
oii..!! bluwekk =P
sebab single lah i need to mingle around..kalau asyik kerja bile nak jumpe double trouble partner..
even tho i'm not married yet..i do have boyfriend wat..need to date..
why don't those yg married, work from home guys have lot's of time at home rite ^_* and so love to spend time at home rite =P

A big family of mine..i treasure each single of you all ^_^

how to prioritize..??
this question seldomly ask during interview..
as for now even tho i'm not married, with no hubby to be taken care or kids to watch over, but i have family (pn.emak, en.abah, pn.uwans, en.atoks, pn.makCiks, dan en.pakciks) to be pleased and respect. i oso have friends which i'll try my best to please them all..and now i have en.pencuri hati which i love to please too ^_^ and how i wish i could spend more time wif him =D.
I always remind myself tat, we can't please everybody in our entire social circle. i feel bad if i have to cancle any get-together session. but somehow i'll try to find time to meet up. worst come to worst i will just make a call. asking how they do. not just towards friends, i'll do the same to all my aunties and uncles. hurmm yup i'm so bubbly, i can even call my aunty out of nowhere and said 'jom gossip' hahaha.. ^^

this remind mE on my 25th Dec journey where i have invitation for my bestie azlin, engagement, my darling mMolina solemnization and pn.emak bestday..and i did manage to go all the event in 1 day ^^. yup i really treasure all people in my life..

but most of the time family matters do put mE in 'serba salah' mode. -_-"
i'm among the elders cucu in the family. so the gap between mE and pn.Emak cousin kinda close. they just in their 30's. so when the facebook evolve in our life, it's isn't just connecting you wif long lost friend but also wif families. all this makciks keep updating mE wif those kenduri at here an here..errr it's not tat i don't wanna go, but my pn.Emak oso not there. i've once attending a kenduri which only full wif pn.Emak cousin (consider my aunties laa) and none of my closest cousin turned up. it's damn bored for mE until i 'buat muke' which so not mE. susah nk tengok i buat muke tau..!! sangat-sangat rare. so it's better for mE no to come rather than 'buat muke' di majlis orang rite..

well it's just mE being honest..
and i still treasure my family and love one the most.. ^_^

voice message: gonna miss en.pencuri hati..dey pergi seberang laut jer kot..gedix la cik.Aino nih.. ^_~

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