Friday, March 11, 2011


yup that is my feeling...
obviously..i'm hurt..
luckily i'm a person who will not carried away my feeling from a person towards another person..
if u make me hurt..i can't smile at u..but i can always smile at the person rite beside u like nothing ever happen..
i even could talk like nothing ever happen and for the sake of menjaga air muka kawan, i won't let others notice tat i'm having some issue with you...but deep inside my heart...i'm really hurt..i'm hurt by your words my friend..
yup you..whom i claim to be a friend of mine..

i try my best not to hurt anyone by words coz..kata-kata itu lebih tajam dari pedang (x tau translation in english)
but when a friend had hurt me..really don't know how to react..balas balik..?? wat's the point..?? common we're grown up..that not how matured people deal wif emotion...

i just have one advice to my dear friend..please grow up...respect other as much they respect you...yup true we can't please everyone, but we could at least give me some respect coz i'm u'r friend as far tat i know..yup noted u have other friend who are super cool than me..hurting mE might not a big deals to you rite coz u'r so great by u'r self...well i wish all the best in life...

gambar sekadar hiasan ^^

voive message: friend they come and go...bersabarlah dan maafkan lah mereka...mereka tak sengaja...

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