Sunday, March 27, 2011

record the expenses online ^_^ order to keep track where my money had gone..
yup i found this online application..very i spend almost 24/7 of my day in front of computer so why don't i use it.. ^_^

I should have doing this long ago...wuu~~ now i know where my money going to kaput, hilang. ~_~
since i have to jot down all the expenses spend, i kinda feel guilty to spend unwisely. this is my 1st preparation la kononnye in handling the expenses insyaAllah i'm gonna have to handle lots of other thing in future. so make it one at a time. 
owh rite, let me share with you guys the webbie it's cal Texthog. let me show you some of the features of this online application.

the scree capture

for application, you need to enter each and every single money spend and all expenses can be categorize such as entertainment, shopping,  food/dining and etc. then the application will automatically convert your expenses into a chart. so that you know where your money going -_-". one more thing, i found it useful, coz it can be access via Text, Web, email, iPhone and Twitter ^_^ yup why not since we kinda too hook up with those social site =D. even tho i'm using this feature, but for those who really hooked up with the internet can try to excess it tru this feature. so that you won't forget to record down all your expenses rite.

well that's it for today i wanna share wif you guys. do remember to shop wisely. (reminding myself) 

voice message: need more money..!! wuuuhuuu money can never be enuf. the more you earn, the more you spend it.

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