Thursday, March 03, 2011

hari yang sungguh cheese berdebah..


another salivating entry..
kinda having quite weird appetite, which sometime don't really feel to eat nasi. so i'll switch to some other food like noodle, pasta, bread yadda..yadda..
and happen to be last tuesday, i'm had that 'jemu' feeling of nasi -_-". i'm still Malaysian, and proud to be one =P
so here we go to the italiannies at Empire Shopping Gallery Subang.

before the scene
mE, kak Rohana, Kak Long, Kak Ruby and oso en.siddiq...just five of us. yup decided and execute. mastermind was mE. tot of having just 2 or 3 dishes which can be shared..but wat happen was unexpected. masing masing bile tengok menu jadi macam tamak haloba. macam x penah makan 10 hari...oh my..oh my..
i did, yes i did warn them don't order to much coz the portion in italiannies is BIG!! heard me..?? its' BIG ok. but they said they are hungry. ok fine~~

and these are some dishes which we have ordered.... -_-"

this is the main dishes after we've finish 2 appetizer @_@

like seriyesli..i say NO, a big NO to cheese for the next 30days..NO to carbonara, NO to Italiannies, NO to Pizza hatta my favorite Dominos...yup a BIG NO to CHEESE based food. -_-" ...for 30days..ok!!

after almost 1hour battling...

small portion left in my plate. if we have some time to spare i could finish it
tapi malangnye tiada -_-"

as the picture above. we're done eating. yup we did take away 3/4 of the pizza. the rest was 97% licin..
senyuman naga naga kekenyangan...bruuuppp~~~ cacing dalam perut pun menari joget lambak..lalalala~~

well to all akak akak IBMers in MAS project after a year together i will miss all this. huu~~ thanks to you all, sempat lah jugak beramas mesera bersama =) walaupun pada mulanya saya agak pemalu..take time to panaskan enjin =D huu~~ sampai sekarang pun masih malu.. wuuu~~~
kalo ade ape2 event jangan lupe jemput eh. will try my best untuk datang memeriahkan majlis.

voice message: tak boleh tido bile dapat email from US team..uwaaa~ i'm in panic attack now @_@

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