Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sipadan here wE come..

refer to the above ticker..!! 

by the time you guys read this entry i already flying to Tawau for my island escape wif my besties. obviously this is a scheduled entry. =)

p/s: not to forget..thank you so much to en.pencuri hati for your time just to send me off. gonna miss you a lot!!

a sudden plan between mE and my bff Farah kalau tak silap last December. lucky me having such an adventurous friends rite. mE...?? mase sekolah dulu active lah biler dah masuk asrama, matrix and uni, i'm slowing down and down. but once a while will still gather with friends to do some activities. as for tis time we go under the sea. since i'm still flying towards Tawau, so i can't share wif you guys any picture yet. hurmm let me share wif you about the budget and process of getting to Tawau then Semporna and booked for Sipadan diving course.

first of all, make contact wif the diving course organizer. ask them when will be the best time of the year to dive. it's better not to be done during rainy season. so that why we choose June. as normally the weather along June is quite hot, the sky will be clear so the water will also be crystal clear.
arrange withe the organizer/instructor on how long should you stay there in order to complete the course and at least have 1 open sea dive.

after doing some searching on the web. we decided on

image source from the website itself.

after a few discussion through emails, finally the quotation of the trips being finalize.
below is the details and approximately the cost breakdown.

Dorm with meals
(Check in 24th June 7:30 a.m
Check out 26th June 5:30 p.m)
4 pax X 3 nights
Open Water Course
Start 24th June
Finish 26th June
4 pax
3 Dives Sipadan
27th June
4 pax x 1 day
Airport Pick Up
23rd June 6:10 p.m
28th June 6:35 p.m
4 pax x 2 way

yup we gonna have 3 dives in sipadan weee~~
if you guys notice we have to leave a gap between before fly off back to Kuala Lumpur. The reason here because it's a must to ensure that you have 18hours gap between flying and diving. THIS IS REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT..!! that why we extend our trip till 28th June.

the above cost breakdown does not include hotel stay in Semporna on 23rd and 27th, for these two days we go for dragon inn which is nearest to Uncle Change office plus the best in town. you can click on the link for accommodation facilities and review. this approximately gonna cost us around RM 85/pax for 2nites. (assuming we take the RM 77 / nite room)

how about the flights tickets..?? well since tis was a pre-planned trip. we bought the flight on december itself which cost us, RM 193 (returned tickets)

in total, we spent about RM 7,712 or RM 1,928 / pax . it might be once in a lifetime experience for each one of us. hope this trip really worth it. insyaAllah.

wait for more update about this trip ok. more pictures will be uploaded sooooon...

voice message: sudah terbayang seafud depan mate..yeay..!!! aino can't stop thinking bout food..


  1. huhu bestnye....jeles ok...i punye lifetime wish nk ambik diving course tunggu bb da besar kot baru boleh g...sementara tak kawen lagi buat je apape selagi boleh....jgn lupe updte the pics..jeles ok!!!

  2. yup sangat berbaloi if you really into it. at least once a lifetime. but once you had try, i bet you'll want more and more..imagine i spend 8days there..maybe can bring your kids later on.. :)

    updated wif lots of piccas oredi