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meat lovers..are you..??

hi all..
oryte, hari nih nak share some informative info regarding meat. for those yang already a meat lovers should have known bout this. i'm not really a meat lover myself...hurmm  maybe yes but i'm not that concern about meat previously huhuhu. since my dad is a veterinarian, kindda ashamed if i didn't know bout meat rite =P.

lets's start with the cuts.
there are 3 types of cuts which normally practice by the butcher. (please jangan tanyer during kenduri kawen they use which cuts)

1. The British cuts
British cuts

2. Dutch cuts
Dutch cuts

3. American Cuts
American Cuts

note: picture source from wiki, click here for further info regarding these cuts

next..which part becoming wat..?? good question. as you all know there a lots of meat product in the market; such as meatball, minched meat, beef patty and etc. so which part of the cow being taken..tak kan lah minched meat taken from sirloin part kan. -_-"

here another information on that credit to this webbie;

1. Neck 
Products: Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

2. Chuck 
Products: Braising Steak, Cubes 
Cooking Methods: Braise, Casserole 
3. Fore Rib 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roasting joints, Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

4. Sirloin 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

5. Rump 
Products: Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

6. Clod 
Products: Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

7. Thick Rib 
Products: Joints, Steaks, Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Braise, Casserole, Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

8. Thin Flank 
Products: Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

9. Thick Flank 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

10. Topside / Silverside 
Products: Joints, Steaks 
Cooking Methods: Roast, Fry, Grill, BBQ, Stir-fry 

11. Brisket 
Products: Joints, Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Pot Roast, Dry fry, Grill, BBQ 

12. Shin / Leg 
Products: Slice/dice, Mince, Burgers 
Cooking Methods: Braise, Casserole, Dry fry, grill, BBQ 

13. Ox Tail 
Products: Ox Tail 
Cooking Methods: Casserole 

the last one..the most important..!! how do you like to have your steak??..rare..?? medium rare..??medium well or well done..?? dari segi direct translation, sound the 'well done' gonna be the best way to have a steak rite coz maksudnye 'sangat baik'. but it's not my dear. here another information i grab from the internet.

picture credit to

well hope this entri is informative enuf to all of you. (kelaparan mula melanda diri bile tulis entri ini). wat about restaurant recommendation..??. ok let mE share wif you guys a few links; review by others blogger.
tige links cukup lah kan.
hurm how about the 'Wagyu' and 'Kobe'..?? hurmm i think i've made this entri long enuf. maybe will share it in another entri. ok dear. till then...selamat menjamu selera.

voice message:selamat pengantin baru to my ex-colleague who oso a blogger pn.Reen.

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