Monday, July 04, 2011

i'm back..!!

wuuu finally i'm back to reality. ngeee~~
yup i shud be back by last tuesday, but i've extended my leave till Friday 1st July 2011. terbaik kan.
so do you guys miss mE..?? =P (macam kan ramai follower jer sampai nak miss)

sebelum go for full speed of my Sipadan trip update, nak panaskan badan dulu dengan taip entri nih. =) so guys be ready for the siries of update since sepatutnye pergi for 6 hari, at last jadi 9 hari. yup a lots to be written down. won't be writting on day-to-day update, i'll try to make it short and simple ok. ade a few ammendments for the cost also -_-' name pun extend kan.

well as of for now, i'm trying to get my self back into reality. back to the normal life. have to face the traffic again wuuu~~. i really need a good massage rite now. badan rase stiff sangat, hari-hari kene angkat oksigen tank yang berat nye 15kg kot. ok lah..wait till i've compile the photos and all information. =)

voice message: ready for another BIG project in my life. thanks to Allah di atas segala kesempatan yg kau berikan. sesungguhnya kite hanya merancang kau jua penentu segalanya.


  1. baca blog i..ada kredit special untuk u..

  2. Yeay you are back!!!! can't wait for your reviews:)

  3. pak lan: yup bace dah tenkiu :) yup u're rite i'm a low profile type of person..

    senorita25: oryte i pun x sabar nak tulah kat opis x leh update kene tunggu balik umah..x per nanti i buat schedule entry siap2..smlm baru siap edit gamba jer..hehehe