Monday, June 13, 2011

counting the days..

nampak tak ticker kat atas nih 
yup i'm counting the days..seriously it's a mix felling...macam sexited pun ader..cuak pun ade...
i just can pray all the best for this trip, InsyaAllah... 
can wait to experience it my self...

image source: uncle chang dive lodge

10 more days to go..weee~~~

voice message: unpaid leave for 4days.. -_-" gaji pertama ku..


  1. wow Sipadan!! then wat review about it okey:) I hope you have a safe journey and enjoy!!!'s okey 4 days of unpaid leave compared to all the excitement in Sipadan. hehe

  2. will do dear..
    even had prepare schedule entry beforehand..if the coverage there is good enuf i'll do live update insyaAllah..(but surely akan penat sangat2)