Thursday, June 09, 2011

how to view blog in mobile version

wee~~ blogger goes mobile..!!
tak perlu dah nak scroll kiri kanan atas bawah bagai. =D sangat suke..yang penting bace latest entry of your favorite blogger kan..

let me teach you guys how.

things needed.
1. get you phone a barcode scaner. (i'm using BB so u can download it at BlackBerry App World)

QR Code Scanner Pro in red circle

2. make sure u have data plan lah kan else carik wifi spot. ^_^

how-to steps
1. Get the blog QR Code

as for example for sure yours truly one lah kan nih ^_^
so to all copy and paste your barcode at your blog HOME page ok.
still in beta version


you can screen capture the barcode or what so ever way as long as the code is clear. sharp square.

for BB user you guys can download the screen muncher (i loike this apps notice the pink app in 1st picture? it really make munch sound while munching your screen)

2. then switch application to run your QR code scaner

if you are a BB user you should know how to switch between application rite. by defaults the QR code scanner is listed in your switch application list as one of default application.

click on the Scan QR Code.
by clicking this it will automatically switch on the camera. it's hard to scan from camera to lappy. so wat you can do, there are two options which i had figured out;

option a
save your code using screen muncher as a picture (obviously)
the flow gonna be,
open picture  <'switch application'> run QR code scan <'switch application'> picture
wallah..u will feel BB vibrating means code was captured.. ^_^

option b
browse a blog which already paste their QR code  <'switch application'> run QR code scan  <'switch application'> go to the browser

so any of the options will do. =D
as long as the app manage to capture the code.

sebelum terlupe, here where you can get the QR code of your blog.

Dashboard > Settings > Email & Mobile
Mobile Template

and last but not least..the preview from the mobile gonna looks like this ^_^ goes mobile

voice message: saya rase nak ketuk boss en.pencuri hati. arghh next week please come and go as fast as you can.


  1. Blog saya pun dah apply benda ni...mudah readers nak baca guna mobile.

  2. true..kene post kat the SQ code kat HOME page..