Saturday, June 11, 2011

chef & brew at bukit damansara

yup food review time..(lame dah x buat food review)

this time was at Chef & Brew (food for life)

event: my 1st lunch meeting with the new team at iCIMB.
location: another end from my office. dekat plaza damansara

: Food for life :

lunch set of the day

cream of pumkin soup

set 1:
B.B.Q Lamb
(serve wif sautee potatoes & corn on cob)


set 2:
Pla Mai Sai
Fish fillet Mai Sai style
(serve wif rice, salted egg, archar & ikan bilis)

slices of pear fruits

coffee or Tea

price : RM16.90 ++ (service charge + govt tax -_-)

picture do the talking
complimentary from the house, menu and lunch set of the day.
lunch set 2 (picture gegar not my hand =P)

nasi goreng (not in lunch set) loike the presentation

lunch set 1.

comment: honestly, it just another eating place. but i do like the environment. cozy. plus the place also not crowded wif people.

voice message: new job, new place, exploration mode turn on.


  1. boleh lah..worth the price..
    owh yup they use victoria station sauce for the BBQ lamb...don't really like it tho sbb ade rase masam2...