Sunday, July 10, 2011

picture that worth a thousand word~♥ (for mE)

mungkin ramai yang tak tahu yang mE suke amik gamba. selain vain dengan diri sendiri (admit) i love nature shot very much and also food shot. ^_^ plus mE juga sangat suke macro shot.

letih nak update pasal Sabah trip, let mE share wif you guys some picture that i snap around there. i'm not a pro photographer so jangan la compare my skill wif pro. i'm still learning.

uncle chang dive lodge

Jeti Pulau Sipadan

Sipadan beach


sunrise around 6.40am love the clouds

a breathtaking scenery


a must shot when i go anywhere

fooooooood ^_^

sunrise captured by phone camere

the color just match...♥ love it ♥

being vain..can't help it (self captured -_-')

worth a thousand words



do gimme your opinion do i qualified to be a photographer..? =P
should i get myself a DSLR..erk it too bulky for mE still prefer a compact camera actually.

do i edit the picture..??
yup i do..adjust the brightness and darken a bit also adjust the contrast plus add a vignetting and also the boarder. just basic editing which being done using a software. No, i'm not using the adobe photoshop too tedious la malas. huhuhu...

voice message: now..i think i do need the underwater casing for my Sony cybershot. yup let's me show my skill with underwater creatures.


  1. ala..mcm pro kot!!! hehe nice one:)nak tnya, which brand do you recommend for camera? nak yg ade features mcm DSLR sikit2 tp I don't want the big one, nak yg sleek+slim camera je:) u use Sony kan? how was it?TQ:)

  2. tenkiu :)
    if u ask me..i prefer sony. i memang jurucakap x berbayar sony. mine is cybershot T700 the feature yg i loike it build in memory 4GB. but sony quite leceh coz only sony memory card can be used.
    maybe u can try cannon, nikon or lumix those i read user review also quite good.

    for me in photography it's not really about the cam. it's about how u capture the picture. maybe i'll share later on how i photog those picture in this blog.(u gimme idea tenkiu)

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