Thursday, July 21, 2011

meet the family ~♥

the most heartbreaking moment..kalau jantung boleh simpan mE dah simpan tinggalkan kat rumah dah..

invitation was being told while i was on my vacation kat mabul lagi. wuuu tapi, since i'm still on vacation tak lah fikir sangat kan..lalala jer lagi tapi dah terasa jugak debaran nyer..
tapi bile mE balik on 1st July tu...dah rase macam hurmmm...tapi sempat lagi nak cool down diri dengan ayat nih;
"sedangkan sharks depan mate tak takut pun...ala nih nak jumpe orang jer kot"
statement sungguh berlagak tak hingat... =P

the day come..the whole week pun dah rase tak keruan...i've tweet a lot regarding it. sure my follower bosan bace kan. -_-' my main thing in mind was what to wear. this is a big issue...coz it gonna give the first impression to the family. silap pakai for the 1st meet up sure sampai sudah u'll be remembered. for me, i just wanna be plain and decent.

so adalah penting untuk tahu what kind of gathering they are having.
he said it gonna be makan-makan and ade bacaan doa selamat serta bacaan Yassin. in my family, if we are having this kind of gathering almost all gonna wear jubah or at least baju kurung. and for his family, everyone being casual just jeans/pants and blouse will do. waaaa i'm so confuse and uncertain. part of me saying just be yourself and wear a loose blouse wif jeans since all his couzins will wear the same. second of me saying, just be a nice girl wif plain baju kurung..not the flashy or 'mencapub' type.

sampai lah tiba hari kejadian.
still in confuse mode. i've change outfit for like 3 - 4 times -_-' huhuhuhu.
yup finally i just settled with a baju kurung. with pareo style matching kain =) yup can't help being a bit fashionable. for buah tangan, at first thinking to bake some bread pudding...tapi fikir nak pakai ape pun otak dah serabut...jadi hanye beli carrot kek kat secret recipe jer. settled.

his mum is soo darling and friendly type.
upon my arival terus ajak masuk rumah..kenal kan dengan semua orang..the uwan, the mak long, mak ngah, mak cik, mak cu, cousins, akak ipar, brother and sisters...berpeluh jugak nak ingat semua -_-'. Alhamdulillah everyone are so friendly. ^_^ yup i'm a bubbly type of person =) so have some chat with his mak cik, since his mak cik love baking and i love eating. waaa the banana choc cake adalah mak cik did put a lot of choc ganache on top of it..nyummmyyy~~ (teringat scene di dapur blush* blush* =">)

there is interview session after had our lunch with his mak cu. wuuuu cuakness..mak cu even told en.pencuri hati to get us a cup of coffee each. =(( uwaaa siriyes rase nak lari jer time tu. dah la kopi tu panas..imagine how long it gonna take if to wait till we finish the coffee..??
but at the end..nothing big pun. she just wanna have a chat bout my family..what i do..thinghs so on. and they said i'm a manja girl since i'm the only daughter in the family. -_-' can't be helped everybody noticing it even those who just meet mE for few hours.

in the evening just chillex wif his two sisters and nieces. playing beads. it fun. as i don't have any sisters in my life so having two sister in future gonna be a lots of fun. also brought them over to tutti fruitti. hehehe nyummyehh...wat a nice closing.

the plastic beads art that we played
image source from google

voice message: he's a family of many things i loike bout him..u'll be the man of the house dear.


  1. Aww~~I'm glad all went well! I'm sooooo happy for you:) Now, pray for me pulak as I'm gonna go to meet his family after Raya:P and for 3 days pulak tu, have to mantapkan my cooking skill:) hehe. He's done already visiting my family, everyone loves him yada yada. In conclusion, when girl meets guy's family, it's scarier, dresscode is so important!Laki boleh pakai jeans and kemeja je without takut2:) hehe

  2. yup alhamdulillah everything wen well. waaau oso gonna meet family lagi lame for 3 days. memang glup..glup..ala bab masak tu jgn risau sangat, kalo tak reti tunjuk minat nak belajar yang penting kene masuk dapo. sumtime better to show that u don't know :)
    agree wif u'r points wen a girls meet the guys's family memang scarieer. maybe sebab perempuan melayu sinonim kene lemah lembut, sopan santun, pandai masak, yadda..yadda...
    nyway all the best dear. everything gonna be just fine percayalah. :)