Friday, July 15, 2011

day 5 - Sipadan Island

yeay....!! akhirnye kami ke Pulau Sipadan.
seronok sebab dapat pergi one of the best place to dive in the world.
sedih sebab pergi Sipadan just for snorkeling -_-'
dan tak pasal-pasal instructor kami pun snorkeling in Sipadan..breaking his record. he said this his first time going to sipadan just for snorkerling hahaha we called him snorkel master =P

why we only snorkeling there, in Sipadan...??
oryte let me tell you the story. sobs..sobs..sobs.. :((
as i've posted in this entry, by 27th June all of us should have finish the course and go for fun dive in Sipadan. unfortunately due to missjudge on the weather forecast and self ability -_-' we can't complete the course within 3 days. have to extend the stay. i did asked either we can change our Sipadan permit date..the answer is NO..uwaaaaa so that is why we only manage to go for snorkeling in Sipadan and this gonna be a reason why i shoud come back to Mabul again =D (let's planning for the next trip..forcing both my younger brother to take diving licence too hahahaha)

so let mE share wif you guy some of the pictures we capture in Sipadan.
i love their beaches so much...white sandy beach...the sand really..really smooth..the water crystal clear..perfect..!!

Pulau Sipadan jauh ke tengah


crystal clear water

white sandy beach

before doing any activities in this island, visitors need to register their name. as all the permit already pre-booked before the visitor coming to the island. so waiting for registration is time for cam whoring..!!


the geng ^_^ Niniey, Fara n Camy

Map of Sipadan n dive point

Registering for the permit

us ^_^

eventho it just for snorkerling, we need to wear our wet suits. yeah i did told in my previous entry that the wet suits will make you float actually. why it does so..??  yup the wet suits which we used is 3mm thick which one of it layer is made of foamy meterial. this layer will actually trap some air inside it. so that is why it can make you float. to know such information, somehow give me a confident to swim in the open sea. (*show off sungguh*)



yup we ready to snorkeling -_-'
a single trip to Sipadan will allow you to have 3 dive there. in between each dive Uncle Chang will provide the food for tea break between 1st dive and 2nd dive. then lunch between 2nd dive and 3rd dive. the break will be taking place at the island it self. there is toilet and a gazebo for all groups to set up their foods.

at left side is Pos kawalan Sipadan

in front of the toilet

super panas oooo -_-

about Sipadan

nice shot rite...u girls really know how to pose good job..!!

^_^ mE

coming to Sipadan, for mE i have one goal. yup to meet wif mr/mrs turtle. yup i do meet a few turtles @_@ they are really cute with their big eyes. while snorkeling..once i did have the chance to swim beside a turtle. i really want to touch it but i'm afraid =P afraid that i might hurt it. how i wish i could capture that moment. need an underwater casing. yup there's underwater camera but i still prefer using the casing.

looking for shark trail

the picture above a dive master Jeckson and our instructor looking further to the sea..looking for a shark. yup, while we're snorkeling, the boatman told my instructor that he saw a shark trail (by looking at the wave left by the shark - don't ask me how they know) so our instructor become excited to chase over the shark that is why i miss the moment with mr.turtle. you really owe mE a moment with turtle Ornate..!! i don't care eventho u said turtle is a common thing in Sipadan but still, i didin't see it everyday in my life. hurmm yeah...i did saw small sharks while snorkeling but the sharks were in deeper water. so nothing to be afraid of.

lastly let mE share some pictures of those who when for diving in Sipadan.
only instructor dive wif cap i guess =P
going deeper in the water

yup that it..our day trip to Sipadan. bay the way do guys know the kidnap incident in Sipadan back in year 2000..?? one of the instructor in Uncle Chang was on of the abduction (haven't heard the full version of his story yet). due to that, visitor only allow to be around the island till 4 pm.

voice message: went for swimming lat nite...and now i'm confuse either to exhale tru the nose or mouth -_-' plus, become lazy to kick coz of the fin keh..keh..keh..

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