Sunday, December 19, 2010

my darling BROWN~~

it take all my guts to write this entry..(5 days to completely write this)

yup for those who already know my darling brown had just left the world on 1st Dec 2010..
let's we roll back the time to 25th June 2008 the day he came into my life... ^_____________^
i still could remember the day..fell like it just happening yesterday...

picca nih taken by the seller not me

the picture the picture which make me fall in love at the first sight wif brown...actually i oso cannot differentiate between brown and his sister 'manje' (manje bought by my friend for her father's bestday)
i boght him for RM450 yeay..quite expensive but i already fall in love wif him so there goes my money ^_^..
by the time i bought him, he was 2 months old...which mean he was born around april...but dengan suke hatinye declare brown born on 17th May 2oo8..yeay so i can say my car number is brown birth date hehehe 1705 =P

brown for the couple of first month

kecik n comel jer kan brown mase nih...mase nih die sangat sangat attention seeker...malam tido nak kene teman..tapi x suke orang peluk...kalo lambat masuk bilik sure akan bising meowww..meowww..meowww
starting this age i already thought him to like water..once a week he'll be di mandikan..of course wif hot water..then will use the hair dryer to dry him off..he kindda playful when i was around...saje lah tu nak show off to the mommy rite..gedix! yup also thought him to sit still in the car.. ^_^

 berat telah mencecah 4.5kg by this time
(baru perasan brown kenyit mate time nih)

 tak cukup mainan yang aku beli..paper bag pun blasah jugak di buat mein

 tis action quite frightening me..sebab the way he's facing tu adalah ke dalam bilik means bontot n kaki belakang terjuntai keluar balcony tingkat 2..

 always be the bussy body onboard..

yup he sit at the dashboard while i'm driving..mase nih kecik boleh la..

speaking of driving..brown nih ade pe'el tersendiri bile bawak die neik kete..
1. suke tengok ke luar kalo berhenti kat traffic light memang mengundang publisiti murahan terhadap kereta2 bersebelahan
2. akan duduk on my lap biler minyak telah di tekan mencecah 110km/h
3. borak2 wif me while seating on the co-driver seat..

well brown membesar dengan after day he become more chubby..he had his first fight which make me cried...brown x der hal aku yg nangis...hurmm yeah the dental procedure..gigi brown masih berada dalam simpanan..buat loket ok x? hahaha then i make him undergone a neutering operation after he kawen wif my aunty's cat..tapi perkahwinan itu tidak berhasil..

through out three years being together wif brown the most enjoyable moment was when i bring him out for a picnic...suke sangat tengok brown yang tak takut air duduk kat gigi air.. huuu~~ which i'm planning to do it again for my 2011 project, tapi yup tuhan sayangkan brown so the project x sempat untuk dilaksanakan..

down the lane i could still remember how he'll waited on the bed side for me to come out from the bathroom. then he'll like talking to me..meeoww..meoww..i will simply talk to him back as if he could understand it. he'll also will licked the water on my schuuuuwet rite...i remember the time of my 'zaman kegelapan' i used to cried after my prayer..sepanjang i sembahyang he'll waited beside me till i finished and after i gave my salam..he'll talk to me and touch my nose and he licked my tears. i was so surprised and touch. how an animal could understand human feeling...he's very understanding other cat could replace him in my life. till his last day, there are no significant sings that he gonna leave me. he still do the same routine as before. yup things which already be a routine in your life gone missing, it's sad..i do miss him a lot. the most unforgettable was when we share eating an ice ream together huuu~~ cat cannot consume chocolate so i'll gave him the vanilla..he love mcD choc sundea, which is also one of my favorite ice cream when i'm alone..i can't afford to have baskin robin all the time... -_-"..brown mommy akan ingat brown everytime mommy et ice cream ok sayang...

hope that he'll pray for my happiness up there. as i still could not move from this lost, all his stuff have been packed and kept in the store room till one day which i never know when i could have another cat in my life.

here some last pictures of him before i went off to singapore and send him to my aunt's

(orang nak kemas barang masuk dalam beg, die pun nak masuk dalam beg sabo jer lah)

cak!!! see how notty looking eyes..

voice massage: brown u're the only memory left between me and could-not-be-name. it's sad but it might be for good. InsyaAllah.


  1. yanggg, this post really touches my heart. RIP Brown. I miss him too :(

  2. T_T...aku sgt paham terlalunye2..x sngke mase ko sampai cpt cani sgt t_T..sekse kan??=( sabau..aku ni dh betahun jgk la tp still cannot adore other aku ingat beg brown yg ko dh pack tu simpan jela ketat2=(

  3. thanx guys..
    tapi kalo dapat kuceng jepon macam maru menarik an boyan..hehehe