Tuesday, December 21, 2010

all you can eat pasta~~

don surprise wif the title ok..
as i'm a fud lover always find other new place to eat yeay!!

well this time we go for Louisiana fud. The restaurant called Secret of Louisiana. sound intersting rite ^_^. it's not that mE purposely went to this restaurant to eat, it's because mE wanna celebrate one of my teammate farewell..so here we go out for lunch~~ see who gonna eat the most pasta, coz we taking the all-you-can-eat set.

nice emblements..i loike..

the menu looks nice rite ^_^

 there 7 option of pasta to taste..one at a time ok
(finish one then order another one, no sharing ok..)

owh wanna see how big is the spaghetti portion? sabar dulu eh...jap nk load gambo jap..

 Creamy presto white fish
review: erk the green creamy stuff turn off my appetite but my colleague said it's gud

 Chicken smoked sausage
review: i didn't eat this one too form the look it's look yummyyyy ^_^

Mexican aglio olive
review: the best choice for starter. yummyyy~~

chicken with olive
review: prefer the mexican aglio however this one still gud.

Carbonara chicken
review: the best of 7 dish ^_^ yummyyy after eating this u won't be able to eat any-other. gud for last order.

Beef Bolognese
review: looks like ordinary bolognese. it's taste yummy colleague cakap jugak =)

so did u notice how much did i ate?
yeah..i ate 3 plate of spaghetti ^______^ well this set come along with desert which is a scope of ice-cream+salad+hot tea but all of us ordered ice lemon tea.

owh how about the price?
for the all-you-can-eat it gonna cost you RM 14.90 excluding service charge and govt.tax
before terlupe, this set only available during weekdays from 12noon till 3pm..
so to all big eaters u're most welcome here. if u're lucky enuf during u'r lunch there aren't any big groups of people u might get u'r spaghetti faster less waiting time..another point added, all spaghetti are freshly cook for each order yummmmyyyyyy. mE really want to bring my friends yg suke makan here, but all of us need to take a day off then huuu~~

owh ya. this restaurant situated at Plaza Kelana Jaya.

last but not least...here is our group

left side from in-front: joel, goh, kamarul, lionel, siddiq, yong kuang
right side from in-front: suman, david chin, daniel, wai, mE

voice massage: wait for more foood review by mE..


  1. kene weekdays hari kerje la...mcm mane nak bawak?huuu boleh kalo ko dtg kat opis aku, nnt aku bawak dekat jer ngan opisku ^_^