Wednesday, December 08, 2010

a friend in need is a friend indeed~~

A friend in need is a friend indeed

what does it means?
this phrase can be interprate in many ways..
according to "" there are four option can be consider;
1. A friend, (when you are) in need, is indeed a true friend. ('indeed')
2. A friend, (when you are) in need, is someone who is prepared to act to show it ('in deed') 
3. A friend, (who is) in need, is indeed a true friend. ('indeed')
4. A friend, (who is) in need, is someone who is prepared to act to show it ('in deed')

which one are u?
the one who is a true friend from the liver (heart) or the one who is always prepare to show that she/he is a true friend..(so sort like a poser friend i could say)

well life without friend gonna be damn boring and empty rite..ever since we were young we need to have a companion be it the same sex or the opposite sex we still need to have a friend...we always seek for a friend when we wanna share things that we can't share with the parents, yup we now treat parents as a friend..but still it's not the same coz we need sumone wif same wavelength unless if the gap between the parents was like 16 years..maybe it possible. well have u guy ever watch a drama series, Gilmore Girls which really show how a mother n daughter could get along quite well coz their gap just 16 years...tapi tak kan lah umo 16 dah nak ader anak? gagaga while your friend struggling to pass the high school, you are struggling to raise a kid? daaang!! cannot maa~~

why suddenly i'm rambling bout friends? hurmmm~~
26years of life i could said i've meet pretty lots of friends since i'm not a katak bawah tempurung type..i've met friends tat could turn your life from a goody-to-shoes type into a rebellious type..also have met the opposite type which could turn a rebellious you into a pious you. well after meeting those's really help me to find out who am i..what i'm wanna be..(still get confused sumtime =P) i kindda love to learn bout people..on the way how others interpreted things that happening in their life. for example, if they are from a broken family how one day she'll deal with her love life will she trust guys who wanted to know her, will she be easily trust a guy coz the one and only guy that she should rely on had left her beloved mother..will those bad memories effected her judgement? not only girls, among guys tis is also happening..found it interesting. (now i'm considering to take counseling for master hahahaha) 
yup dulu i've one joined those kaki lepak and ponteng sekolah (oopsi kantoi dulu ponteng sekolah) lepak dekat cc, shopping mall, wondering why they do such thing? x best ker pergi sekolah? bosan sangat ker belajar tu?  wow!! when writing bout this, can't believe i've done that hahaha.. eh even tho i'm kaki lepak and kaki ponteng i never neglect my study tau! tak caye asked my pn.emak eh tp pn.emak tak tau aku ponteng sekolah dulu hahahaha =P. yes for real i've told my self back then, it's ok to be nakal but always remember to study coz being notty and mischievous, doesn't mean u're stupid rite..tapi biler aku stop lepaking and kononnye want to concentrate on studying found it a bit difficult huu~~ maybe sebab less entertainment in life =( ...

korang pernah x dengar dengan siapa kita berkawan mencermin kan peribadi kite. betul ker? aku sangat-sangat x sokong saper yang mencipta kata-kata nih...masing-masing ada akai boleh fikirkan, kenape nak kene ikut orang lein. kalo kawan ko makan taik adakah ko pun nak makan taik?, haa tau pun x nak lagi nk ikut kawan buat bende x senonoh kenape? Tuhan kan dah bagi kite otak untuk berfikir dan menilai benda baik dan buruk. Kenapa masih ada orang tergoda kearah keburukan? yer ter masuk aku..tuhan dah kate rambut tu aurat, tutup aurat tapi aku degil..nak jugak tayang rambut karatz kan..pas tu nak pakai baju sempit2...nih la contoh biler fikir ikut nafsu kan..insyaAllah one day aku akan insaf...sedang berusaha ke arah itu.. -_-"

tapi kan ape peranan seorang kawan biler tengok kawan nye buat salah? biar kan? pulau kan? kutuk belakang? atau bagi nasihat? which one can be call true friends?
and as a friend how u react?bile kene tegor?
hurt? because they 'kondem' openly. 
accept it wif open heart? sebab sape lagi yang boleh tego selain kawan..kalo orang lein sure lagi aku hangin..
or ignore it? kawan patut terime kawan seadanya..

so wat would u do?
as for me i believe in live life simple and uncomplicated. kenape perlu ade drama? x perlu lah nak jadi primadona huhuhuhu give and take forgive and forget. as people cannot please you as what u like, same goes to u u'rself. tak boleh lah harap orang untuk ikut cakap kite rite..

well enuf all my friend yang bace this blog..i really treasure u guys in my life. sorry if i've ever hurt u'r feeling. chill n relax will ya ^_^


voice massage: miss my brown~~


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