Monday, September 15, 2008

. : bRown day oUt : .

well today i gave a very big day to my little brown..a day out in the it really a park?? huhuhu not really a park..just a kawasan lapang beside my house..he's like freaking out seing all the moving grass n dry leaves..keep on jumping ere n there...oso going into bushes till it's hard for me to take him out..

pixxes above taken during the day out session..i don't own any slr or dslr or wat so ever canggih cam..the oni thing i have a sony dC wif a software call adobe photoshop..huhuhu trying sumting new wif the software well not bad huh~~ ^___^ lots more to learn.. well enjoy the pixxes..till then..

x0x0 mummy lurve u very much brown..

note: today is my youngest bro bestday..happy besday tuyu..heppi bestday tuyu..happy bestday tuyu ayip..heppi bestday tuyu..hadiah nnt lh eh..balik raye nnt ok..sayang kamu..muah..muah..

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  1. arghhh makin die beso makin sebijik rupe kucing aku... huwaaaa! geram2 T____T