Sunday, August 07, 2011

rizalman..he really catch my eyes..

many of you might already know how much i adore rizalman design.
once again he nail it. yup his raya collection for mE its simple but very elegance.

i loike how he used the lace (it is lace rite..??)


LOVE IT..!!!
go and visit his blog here for more.



  1. dah target nak beli baju raya la tuh...kah kah kah

  2. ish..x mampu nye nak pakai rizalman.
    if u said nk tempah tat would be mE =P hehehe for tis yer punye raya baju raya dh siap tempah pun.. :) i just like his design.

  3. cantik sangat ainoor!!!! but seriously I like dress or baju yg pakai kain cam flowy2 cmni cewahhh haha

  4. senorita,
    i mmg suke rizalman nye design..simple n elegance have it own class tak sarat dengan lace bagai..hehehe

    kain flowy mmg cantik berapa meter lah dier pakai utk kain nih..-_-'

  5. hahaha kan kan..ala..but I dunno and don't think I could afford Rizalman..I think Rizman Ruzaini also prefer this kind of material..and do check this one out : cantik baju die and affordable:)