Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ma' nate steak hub

another food review by mE.
i've made an entry on how to choose your meat a while ago. now let see wat i've had for my iftar last saturday.

dates a must for the starter of iftar
courtesy of the Me'nate steak house

the appetizer: Caesar salad (RM 15.80) and curly fries (RM 8.80)

for him: medium rare lamb rack. danging dier sungguh manis
price: around RM42

lupe which part but it a medium rare grass fed. daging agak liat n kurang manis
(shud have try the famous wagyu next time)
price: around RM58

for more info of the menu, price and plus more review, can click here.
here some picture for the pricing which i copy over.

good one..!!

pricer per 100g
price for Wagyu and Black Angus

pricer per 100g for grain fed and grass fed

price per 100g of lamb

all meat being store in a vacuum plastic bag and have been label for the price. so easier to calculate how much you will need to pay. basically u just need to pay for the meat only since the drinks are free and the steaks come with coleslaw and fries.

dinner for two ^_^

en.pencuri hati comment: the seasoning is good
my comment: the grass fed meat is just another steak.
we both agreed: should order for medium well next time. huhuhuhu

hampir terlupa. here their name card ^_^

(ade jer kat bangsar susah-susah jer pergi ampang jaya nun -_-')

voice message: 'kite tak pernah order sikit kan', but we did finish it all ^___^



  1. -_-' permandangan biasa tu..
    en.pencuri hati jenis makan complete meal..
    starter-main course-dessert (selamat lah aku nanti nak prepare semua)
    the lamb mmh sedap..!!