Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lets go to Manhattan...(trip for baby dragon)

mase untuk review makanan.
masih belum terlupa, this blog used to review about food almost every week ^_^. tapi sejak kebelakangan nih, tuan empunya blog agak malas untuk mengeluarkan 'partner in crime' iaitu cik.camera merah bagi mengabadikan gamba-gamba makanan yang boleh menggugat pembaca di bulan puasa ini. since it already 16 days of fasting i bet guys semua sure dah imune tengok gambar food. so let's the review begin...!!

lokasi: Manhattan Fish Market. Alamanda Putrajaya
pax: 2 baby dragon to be fed =P

during this Ramadhan, Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) having a promotion of half price starter and dessert for any platter ordered. even tho you just order 1 platter which the cheapest gonna be RM52.90, you can order unlimited starter and dessert with half price. ^_^
actually this is my second visit to MFM for this Ramadhan. yeahhh...i never bored wif food.

the penambah perisa

my favourite starter : Garlic Herb Mussels
(mE alone can finish 2 set of this)
RM 14.90 (NP)

starter: Sizzling lousiana prawns
RM17.90 (NP)

the Starter come wif bread

for platter we choose Manhattan Flamming Seafood Platter consist of;
fried calamari, fried fish fillet and oyster with MFM famous Flaming Prawns. serve on bed of Garlic Herb Rice and chips with scrumptious broccolis and carrots. RM52.90 (NP)
the platter is strictly for sharing 2-3 person.

since they short of the big pan -_-' they serve us in two part of platter.
hurmmm..owh yup, this promotion comes with 2 free fizzie drinks and soup of the day. ^_^

platter part1

platter part2


total bill for the day: RM80.40
total capacity of baby dragon: bolted..!! -_-'
for complete menu set click here.

NP - Normal Price

tips: kalau rase muak after eating lots of seafood, get a raw lemon and have a bite. rase masam akan hilangkan rase hanyir and muak seafood. giv it a try.

voice message: our first date location and he already know how i love foods. i ate 3 mussels and only left 1 for him. -_-'



  1. Ainoor! Seriously at first, I thought u were having trip to Manhattan! hahaha this is great coz I'm planning to go too but so far I can't find any full reviews on the foods. They seems delicious in pics and of course the same in your mouth rite? hehe. Yummy!!

  2. hahaha..trip to Manhattan..?? how i wish i could go there one day ^_^
    the food here are great. alhamdulillah x sakit perut as you tau jer lah seafood nih senang tercemar. i've tried alamanda branch n mid valley branch. prefer mid valley lagi. after 2nd visit for a month now i want to say tat enuf MFM for a while...hehehe

  3. U should try the garden buffet..RM50++ but it seems worth it with a lot of choices..