Tuesday, August 09, 2011

100,000 km in 4years..

a week before Ramadhan went back to hometown.
yes now i'm being rajin balik Kluang. whenever pn.emak asking "tak balik ker..?" mE will straight away answer, "insyaAllah hujung minggu Aino balik mak"
why..?? sebelum nih tak rajin pun. -_-'
sebab i'm the only daughter, someday i'm gonna get married to a guy, which means i will add up another families in my life. i'm no longer freely can go where ever i loike as of now. yup buy that time, it's another changes in my life which i'll enjoy while adapting to it. wokeyh iklan sampai sini sajer. ^_^

so kali ni balik straight from office. my office hour end at 4.45pm on Friday. i've packed up all my things in the car earlier, so let head back..!!
by reaching after senawang, i already mengantuk. yup seriyesli mengantuk. call en.pencuri hati pun macam kurang membantu. kereta pun quite banyak on the road. last choice to kill the mengantukness, have to speed up. this will give me more focus on the road. -_-'. alhamdulillah manage to reach home safely.

hey look what have i captured on the way back home.
the car mileage had reached 100,000 km ^_^ (ambik gambar while driving. bergegar-gegar)

99, 999 km
one more km to go...

100, 000

bought tis car back on 9th October 2007. so that's mean, it had been moving around for 3 years, 9 months and 21 days or equal to 1390 days. approximately, i've travel for 71.9 km/ day within this 3 years.
hurmm to make it 200, 000km i don't think i'll make it within the same time frame since now i'm traveling almost 83km/day -_-'

voice messsage: kan best kalao gi keje jalan kaki jer. hehehe


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