Friday, May 20, 2011

My Social Memories..

first of all..tenkiu to en.obefiend for the blog post regarding the social memories on facebook (link balik kan..kan..)..yeah i'm addicted reading u'r blog...tapi kali nih memang rase nak buat jugak entry yang same tak kire..tak kire..but with my own picture lah kan...

application nih di panggil Social Memories on Facebook. wat it does is, it gonna create sort of photobook of all your Facebook life. kalo tipu life facebook kamu itu, maka tipu jugak lah hasilnye. walaupun masih dalam peringkat beta, ia adalah AWEEESOOOMEE..!! me like it. haa one more thing guys, you can even order the book in a print out version. sungguh menarik..!!

create a new book

set the time frame
(by default tis apps only retrieve data starting from June 2009)

gathering the memories
(gonna take long time if u have lots of memories like mine almost 1hour plus but then it become smooth)

oryte here some snapshoot of my social memories photobook.. ^_^


Table of contents

overview (tengok page kanan tu yer en.pencuri hati)

most popular album and status vs response

biggest album in my FB the F.O.O.D

the most popular picture and my weekly habits
i'm active on Monday yaww (nampak sangat masuk opis first thing first FB

most popular status and most written word 'AKU'

friend distribution and most tagged album

love the last page lots of picca mE loike!!

well that's it..go and try
owh yup sebelum terlupa...

yup tat the price if u want it in printed version ^_^

and here the video on how to do it..

selamat mencube kawan-kawan...

voice message: thank you to you to make it back in town today..(you know who you are)

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