Sunday, May 29, 2011

HALAL...sure or not..??

yup finally i think i should blog bout this HALAL issue jugak..

minggu lepas agak kecoh pasal kek Secret Recipe. tak tahu lah siapa yang memulakan sebaran cerita mengatakan bahan-bahan pembuatan kek Secret Recipe ade unsur-unsur DNA babi (i'll taip as babi coz no different pun between babi and khinzir). sebenarnye mE agak rase annoying the way the news spreads out. through internet and people re-post from one and another atas alasan sayang kan islam. tapi what lacking here, are they have any solid evident..?? proper source of information..?? verification of the news from the right channel..??

yup..that wat we call rumors. hurmm sadly admitted Malaysian especially Malays sangat cepat percaya dengan kabar angin dan agak cepat melenting. kadang kala terfikir, inilah kelemahan we are the Malays sebab tu kite senang diperkotak katik kan. oryte enuf kutuk Malay.

isu HALAL is a big isu for the muslim. yup the food we consume will become our darah daging. back to the Secret Recipe tadi..luckily i live with my aunty yang bekerja dekat JAKIM bagahian HALAL. i've asked her once last year kalau tak silap, pasal kek Secret Recipe nih. and she said it HALAL. memang tak was-was lah kan. jadi bile this issue raised up once again. so once again i consult her for verification . and the answer is still yes. then after a few days the news spread out, she gave me the real situation on what had happen. it's because of the supplier name Puratos which happen to be Secret Recipe supplier. the thing is Secret Recipe take their supplier direct from Belgian not the local Puratos which their products are contaminated. so senang cite, Puratos local yg problem not the one from Belgian tu. As many of you might know, the news spread was tru the PPIM (persatuan pengguna Islam Malaysia) blog. so my aunty did told yang officer from PPIM did come to JAKIM in order to solve the issue.

hey..!! you the one who create the rumors..creating chaos.. meddling with others people business and now you ask JAKIM to sort the thing. why don't you explain back in you blog give your reader the true fact. let JAKIM do their work. in order to certified HALAL from JAKIM there are certain procedures need to be followed. what happen now, PPIM asked JAKIM to do fast-track kire like off procedure lah. sigh..!! walaupun mE selalu kondem government services, but when i know they're applying certain procedures, so just wait till it finish and pleaselah jangan masuk campur. biler ader pihak lain yang cube campur tangan ini lah yang akan menimbulkan birokrasi yadda..yadda...have faith..! they are trying to serve the country at their best.

happen to be aunty also leek out certain information about PPIM. sort of their agenda. PPIM, tend to create a perspective that JAKIM can't do their work, they can do better. yup of course, when a private company taking care things like this there gonna be certain amount of money need to be pay by the applicant. dalam isu HALAL nih puun nak di politic kan. sigh..!! letih lah. if you guys remember quite a time ago there are rumors ubat gigi colgate di ragui kandungan nya. siapa punya angkara..?? yup the same organization. why they do this..?? because colgate refuse to take HALAL advisor from PPIM. plus PPIM also want to promote their bran ubat gigi Mukmin. did you guys know that the owner of ubat gigi mukmin is a Chinese..?? yup like i said, this is Malay prob. when a product using tulisan Jawi, name Islam terus assume it's HALAL coz owned by Malay company. you are so wrong ok. i'm not saying company Chinese tend to sold non-halal but..please lah..bare in mind tiada siapa yang nak menghancurkan business sendiri di Malaysia nih since almost 70% of the consumer is Malay. event if the owner is Malay and Muslim doesn't mean all their resources are HALAL. so jangan lah cepat sangat buat conclusion and if you already was-was bukankah sudah jatuh hukum haram untuk dimakan. kalau korang was-was, jangan lah buat orang lain was-was jugak..ok..? same goes with Milo rumors. sungguh tidak logic such a big company like Nestle kononnye menggunakan serbuk cacing in their product. giler hape?? they even have their own HALAL division set up in their factory and it was patterned in order if other factory want to follow their step they willing to share it. by the way,well having PPIM as so-call a rival in other way kinda good. so that, JAKIM-HALAL will do their work a lot better so no one could question on their effectiveness rite. yup let take it positively. cume jangan lah sampai fitnah periuk nasi orang.

due to this, i did suggest to my aunty..for JAKIM to have like a team that gonna handle this online rumors. since online news so much aster being spread out compare to other source. maybe JAKIM bahagian HALAL should also have their own blog. why not. it's a good step. well happen to be there is only 1 pegawai sistem maklumat in HALAL -_-" and she have to handle everything regarding sistem maklumat stuff. to make she blogging it seem not appropriate tho. hehehe why not i do it since i really love to eat. hahaha just kidding. for those food outlet yang tak ade halal signage, maybe they could verified where they get their raw material from. they can't have HALAL certification because they do serve alcohol in their outlet.

well this only my point of view. stop spreading rumors until you know the truth. sebab bile rumors itu tidak benar, wasn't you now spreading fitnah..?? wasn't you wanna be a gooood muslim..?? seek for correct information.

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  1. babe..i at at first mmg doubt giler pasal ape yg disebarkan oleh blog tu cz as far as i've been to secret recipe i mmg nampak besar die pampang sijil halal jakim i dgn confident nye mkn je kek n mknan yg sedap kat situ cz i yakin..hehe


  2. tu lah yang penting jangan was-was..
    tapi biler tgok orang re-post the article geram jer rasenyer...sume tak mahu usul pekse dulu.