Thursday, April 21, 2011

27 years of life ~♥ ~♥

it still a month time for my 27th birthday...
omaigod..!! i'm going to turn 27 already -_-" terasa tua la pulak...
naahhh~~~ age is just a number, gonna increase every year wat's a big deal.. (nak sedapkan hati sendiri)

so let see, what have i achieve after 27th year ~_~ ok soklan nih susah nak jawab..

career life
masih merasa diri begitu kerdil. kalo dulu mase di xXx merasakan semua adalah sama. owh tidak selalu rase those CES department hebat sebab mereka bergelumang dengan coding and us the DW (data warehouse) always di pandang rendah. but i don't care and believe that rezeki ada dimana-mana. proven. after almost 4 years of experience, syukur sangat setiap kali rase nak tukar kerja rezeki itu masih ada. sekarang pun masih menunggu jawapan daripada soon-to-be new company. owh ramai jugak yang bertanye kenape asyik tukar kerje. hurm jawapan mudah to expend the knowledge. mase di xXx it was like building up the foundation of DW & BI (business Intelligence) itself. then masuk one local company YYY. as I called it YYY memang a big question why la mE join this company which i only last there for 4 months. lucky me tis company send mE out for trainings a lot. then now i'm in the 3rd company zZz or as you guys know i'm working at International Business Machines (IBM) which they assign mE to Malaysia Airlines project of Business Intelligence. Learning about logistic, how they manage their resources yada.. yada... interesting. Then, after a year they assigned mE to another project, a public sector project. it still in so called BI industry, but more to analytic, however as for now my responsible is more to the technical support and also developing my project management skills inside mE. mE not really like the role which i need to deal wif client requirements and attending meetings -_-". eventho i'm not really into this new role, it's quite challenging and interesting get to know more on business sales. for the sales part, i'm seeking advise from en.pencuri hati sebab beliau claimed himself as a salesman =P. after 4 years being a so called career woman, i'm liking it. tapi still x boleh buang perasaan malas pergi kerja -_-". for this coming 27th birthday, i do wish tat the new company do accept my application. insyaAllah kalo ade rezeki dapat lah merasa environment kerja baru.

family life
nothing much i could tell regarding family. maybe hope tat mE boleh menambahkah ahli keluarga baru.. =) hehehe..yup there are ups and downs in my family. argument, conflicts it's part of our normal life rite. i'm not going to share much regarding family here tho. just hope the whole family (by whole i  meant it to be all, atok , nenek, pak sedare, mak sedare, cousins, siblings..etc) will be in happiness. berdoa lah kepada-Nya for bless and happiness. but to think back, since 16 i've not really attached wif the family anymore. being send to a boarding boarding school, then the matriculation year, then entering university and finally i'm a career woman in this hectic city. never been in my dream to work in KL but here i am wuu~~. and this make me think i do miss the family moment. hope in future i'm not being parted from my child for this long...huhuhu~~

love life
naahh~~ sure dah boring mE asyik cakap pasal en.pencuri hati kan. =P ok name beliau saiful hisham. sumtime  mE address him as hisham and sumtime as sepul depending to whom i'm spoken to. it's quite confusing sebab terasa bercakap pasal different person eventho both are referring to my sayang hihihi. well i do pray and hope we are soon being unite. insyaAllah. it just a matter of time, planning and so on. why..?? coz there is a plan which i've set wif my friend ( scuba divinf course) around june. it's like a fate, sebab i used to call the plan as 'the last thing i wanna do b4 i'm getting married'. padahal mase decide on the plan i haven't met en.pencuri hati yet.  so after this trip i'll start to crash my head for our next step. insyaAllah. while waiting for that, i've strat surveying for the best option. looking forward for a small and intimate celebration. doa kan jodoh kami hingga ke akhir hayat...amin~~

harapan and wishes...
for the next coming year. i wish for nothing more or less than having a happier and blissful life. being loved and  in love with those i love.
hope that Allah grant all my wishes =D amin~~

voice message: aku yang akan bertambah usia -_-"

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