Tuesday, April 26, 2011


^_^ first attemp

if you guys follow mE on twitter..i was once rambling bout wanna start doing handmade card again...this time using quilling art ^_^..
i've started on that plan actually..
so the picture is just a teaser on what is quilling art..it's fun..but when it didn't turn as mE wanted it to be, it kinda piss me off huhuhu (belajar memupuk kesabaran) huhuhu..

hmm..i need to get a few other tools to make this quilling art a perfect new art...x per kite beli sikit-sikit eh..
jangan tamak haloba..tak elok tu..

oryte..will update again once the card done..(satu card pun dah amik berminggu2 nih -_-"..

voice message: it have been sooooo long time ago i've painted..i do miss it a lot...


  1. i know that quilling. tapi x sanggup nk buat. haha. good luck ye cik nonoe. hihihi

  2. hehehe..
    memang menguji kesabaran wat mendealah quilling nih..tapi tetap akan ku usahakan sehingga berjaya..dah 50%berjaya dah..wat sikit2 dulu.. ^_^