Sunday, February 27, 2011

pinky and the brain..brain..brain..

kenape saye sangat begitu suke pink..??
saye sendiri pun tak tahun..foud pink is sweet, attractive, girly and oso gedix hahaha

just add up another pink stuff into my collection.. ^_^ it's
Fossil Raspberry Patchwork Leather Hobo

picture copied from

hurmm i kindda like this brand coz their bag made of genuine soft leather so it hardly worn out even after couple of years..i'm a bit choosy when it comes to choose a handbag. hard to find a handbag which catch my eyes once i found it..haaa tu dia abis duit =P 

owh sebelum terlupa...i bought it online through this blog it's a special order. the blogger had sold the bag once, and i did asked can sher order 1 for mE..and yup she did order 1 for mE but have to wait for almost a month for the item to be posted here to's worth waiting for it tho..

kalo you guys berminat on certain bags or watches do browse her blog. =) she also offer installment payment method for certain items. but the things need to bare is the waiting time for the item to be reach at your doorstep ^____^ if u really interested i bet you don't mind waiting, rite ;)

oryte till then..

voice message: cik.aino please stop collecting pinky stuff...wuuhuuu well some people said, pink is the new black.. =D

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  1. ko mmg boleh ganti elmira, pinky and the brain..tak sia sia bg title tuh kat ko....