Thursday, February 24, 2011

food review... Rooibos cafe @ ara damansara

it have been quite sometime i'm writing about food.

mE and food are those who are close to mE they'll knew how good my appetite is. =D ngee~~
some of my friend do refers to mE for recomendation. ^_^
oryte enuf bout mE and my eating let's see wat this Rooibos Cafe offered to their customer.

event: farewell of my colleague kak Zaratna
place: Rooibos Cafe, Ara Damansara
specialty: western

let see the fud, before that let me warn you out for the sound made by your baby dragon!! ^____^

kite tgok menu dulu eh ^_^

^_^ waaa~~

fried prawn

prawn fettucini

they offer few other chicken chop

how bout the price? well the price range will be around RM15 for pasta, RM15 for chiken chop and RM30 for lamb...drinks will be around RM3 to RM10 if i'm not mistaken.

last but not least..yang diraikan...

kak Ana, Kak Nida n mE

well mE gonna attend a few more farewell after this..the team here getting smaller =( x besh..nanti x der kawan lunch lagi huuuwaaa~~ sob* sob* sob*. nyway all the best to Kak Ana, jangan sedih2 tau lepas nih boleh talk bout telco pulak penat dah tengok flight operation issue huu~~

*ade farewell kat italiannies last week, tapiiiii -_-" lapar sangat lupe snap gambar wuuu~~

voice massage: cik Aino biler banner anda nak siap.. =P

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