Sunday, February 27, 2011

old buddy...after almost 9 years~~

last week i met up wif my old buddies back during the matriculation. we actually are schoolmate in SAMURA but never had a chance being close during that time...

well, kenduri kawen always be a place of reunion =D so tenkiu to dr.suria n hubby for inviting us..
let pictures do the talking...
mE and pn.Inaz

us at the entrance ^_^ canteeeekkk!!

unfortunately i can't stay long for this wedding coz, i'm having another event which was the main of the day...huuu~~ so x sempat nak beramas mesra dengan geng2 sekolah yang lein..some other time ok guyss.. ^_^

voice message: selamat pengantin baru untuk semua!!!

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