Saturday, February 05, 2011

let's grow the magic beans --> (day 1)

remember in the previous entry i wrote about magic beans which i bought at sunway pyramid.

here i write an entry for today is the day 3 mE tanam the beans.

the soil

the flower pot

the beans which are free if u buy the soil n flower pot for the price rm9.90

beans ready to grow~~

before putting the beans into the soilf, first u need to soak the bean in water for 5 minutes. pour the soil into the flower pot, then wet the soil. make sure u are not putting the bean too deep into the soil.
since today already day 3 let see the growth picture.

DAY 2 ~~ it's coming~~
DAY 3 it's really growing yeay!!

voice massage: can the bean grow till the sky as wat we read in the Jack n the bean stalk? hehehe


  1. camne bean tuh leh ade tulisan? nih kiranya bean btol or tipu? menarik..

  2. @shy: bean betul lah.. ^_^ nnt tggu lah lagi 3 hari kite tgok the out come now i can see leaves coming out already yeay!1