Saturday, February 26, 2011

pick up line~~ bluwekkk** =P

there's a guy in my office do IM me tru office IM...
arghh~~ aku nih allergic giler kalo orang bagi pick-up line jenis2 macam chaters kat YM or other IM services.
tapi nih IM office orang nyer aku kenal lah rite..

sile click on the picture to enlarge..

 erk FYI this guy not a could you guess where he come from..?? 
he did ask for my number, he me gave his number and asked me to misscall as if u'll get my number by tat..hahahaha..owh my number already being set to i'm really considering to have separate number personal n work..hurrmmm~~ or shud i say i'm consider to leave this project sooooooonn as fast as i could.. 

voice message: eeeuuuwww..x suke..x suke...

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