Friday, January 28, 2011


yeay!! finally i got a wat i wanted an aviator ^_____^

i don't wat so best bout this aviator but i found it so damn cool =P when seeing people wearing it (nak cakap diri sendiri cool lah tu =P)

i haven't snap a close up picture of it yet. but here mE wearing it.

if u notice it have a purple line at the frame to make it more girly =P with two-tone brown tint

plus it have a slight tint of mercuric layer features which will not allow other to see u'r eyes just purrrfect to be a stalker =P

how much does it cost me?'s rm660 and i got it for rm330 after 50% discount yeay!! i love sales ^_^
wat brand it is? for sure it's Rayban my dear, there is another aviator by Furla which also catch my eyes, but it's over my budget rm660 after less so imagine the original price -_-"

voice massage: aino please remember u'r resolution to spend less on shopping =P

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