Sunday, January 02, 2011

contradiction of happy new year~~

2010 vs 2011

the first day of 2011...
let me think wat had happen back to the fist day of 2010. yeay both years i started with being single ngeee~~ so nothing change. if in 2010 waiting for the clock struck at 12.00 midnite with a friend of mine who i rarely contact nowadays but for this 2011 i just stay at home, watching the fireworks from my bedroom window. yeah i kinda like the view from my  room i could see straight till the Putrajaya International Convention center (PICC) after this no need to stuck in traffic to watch the fireworks competition =). last 1st Jan 2010 during the day i could say i kinda feel sad, feeling soo guilty for hurting you-know-who, but 1st jan 2011 is the most neves day in my ife huuu~~ (nanti cite lein kot).

career~~ (foyo jer bunyi)
last 2010 by jan i already joining a local iT consulting firm which only last for 4 months (resign 24hours on feb) huu~~ then now in 2011 i've been 10 months working for International Business Machine ( IBM la deeerr =P ) and i don't have any feeling to leave the company yet..x suke sangat nk jumping around but now situation is quite unstable with the workload and also the management. should i consider applying xXx?? hahaha not yet bebeh not yet..i really looking forward what the management had plan for me as of for now, they'll keep me stay till end of january which means 30 days left for it.

hurmm well i really can't remember my resolution for 2010..long term memory lost =D.
however for this coming 2011 i already have one particular resolution which i've set up since i was in secondary school. wallauuu will i achieve it? just wait n see till the day had come. other than tat, i really wish i could minimize my social activity, please spend more time at home Ainoooo!! huuu it's tough for mE tho coz i'm not used to it. always on the run, always has sumting to do huu~~ need to find  a reason for me to stay at home, as of for now reading would be the best solution. but i still can chill at any cafe to read hahaha seee how gud i'm in making excuses ngeee~~ =D
financially. waaaaa~` really need to watch at my spending. must start to creat a list for each months. watch the bills esp. phone bills =P (gune lah phone rumah yang free itu yer) the rest i think i still could manage it. huuu~~
because 2010, was the worst case senario which i really rely on retail therapy. demmit!!
vacation~~ =D well last year i've visit 2 countries indonesia, bandung to be specific and also singapore. well for this year, my plan will be to go to sipadan for a diving course and as of for now that my only plan for this year coz i need to watch my financial ryte =D.

year of sadness 2010..hoping for year of happiness 2011 ...
yup 2010 was a year wif full of sadness, unorganized, serabutness, simple said zaman kegelapan huuu~~ faced with two big lost in my life. start with you-know-who who give me a very the berry unforgettable and unforgivable news ever which happen around march 2010 and by 1st dec 2010 another big lost in my life, yeah the day my darling, my beloved, my munchkin yup he's my everything, mR.bRown had left me for good. yup the most shocking news ever. but some how with the first lost i've already being tough to accept the 2nd lost. well now i could consider i'm matured enuf to think for my future, matured enuf to make decision for my life. hoping that this coming 2011 will be the year of happyness for me. considering life is like a wheel which sumtime u might be at the bottom and there will be u'r turn to be at the top. insyaAllah 2011 will be the year which i'll be on top side of the wheel.

 pray for happiness insyaAllah

(all images are from uncle gugle)

voice massage: as for 2nd day of 2011 i still can't stay put at home eventho i've bought 4 novels huuu~~ eh but i already start reading what. =P

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