Sunday, January 23, 2011

soOOOoo nOt mE =P

let's challenge myself for staying at home over the wiken..first of all let make a to-do list

  1. laundry done
  2. ironing half done bju kat ampai lagi
  3. basuh kete flu so x boleh mein air n rehat kat umah jer..
  4. kemas kete done
  5. kemas bilik done
  6. mop bilik flu so x boleh mein air n rehat kat umah jer.
  7. basuh toilet done
  8. reading continuously wen got free time 
  9. failing bills done
  10. update works documents x rajin nk buat hahaha

let it be wit 10 thing to-do first..see could i complete all ten in 2 days? can i stay put at home over the wiken? hehehe =P

voice massage: belajar2 lah duduk rumah yer cik.Aino =P


  1. hey, ko dok umah jer wiken nie...jom kuar...kita dinner together-gether...hehehe

  2. yer aku duk umah dendiam wiken nih..tgok list tu bnyk lagi x buat...huu~~