Tuesday, May 11, 2010

till wen~~

"true love covers the eyes to see no wrong
true love darken reason to consider situation
true love most when it hurt much
true love is still true even to the point of letting go"

till wen shud i stop talking bout tis love thingy??
till wen shud i stop thinking bout him??
till wen shud i stop being denial??
till wen??

almost 2 months thing had turn upside down..life being jumble up..
lots of advices had been pour to me from those who really care..
lots of thought had i made..as for now the only thing i can say..he's still in my heart
i know sumhow, sumwhat i need to bury tat feeling deep inside..
there's sumone else deserve my love better than him..there is sumone else who will understand me better than him..
yup i can't erase all the memories that we've shared for almost 3 years (how i wish i could)..
i'll remember those memories, coz it's part of my life where i learn to care n love others beside myself..
i shud thanks to u, coz u teach me on how to care...at least i know i'm not tat mean to simply hurts others feeling..

i could only pray to Him, pray for His bless in disguise.. =)

If you truly love someone then the only thing u want is for them to be happy, even if its NEVER with you

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