Saturday, August 30, 2008

. : sO sAdd =( : .

after a i'm back home again..miss my mummy..daddy n oso all the catz ere in ma house (kluang)...have to wake up early..coz my bus was at 8.00am...lapan pagi ok..ngantuk sesungguh aku dibuatnye...dh la last nite g tgok finale fireworks..mmg santik sesangat..tis year m'sia dpt 2nd place n the winner was spain..congrats...

back to the topic..hmm..starting next week onwards have to do all things by myself again..waaaa... x der dh org nk drive aku g mr.Drive is moving..waaaa i'm in a very deep sad emotion rite now..very..very sad..i don't know either i could handle it or not..just hope thing won't turn real bad..coz normally sadness will effect my appetite n oso moood..currently i'm losing a bit of my appetite coz normally i'm a big NAGA =D even tho i'm so the skinny..looks like my mission to gain weight won't accomplish sigh :~~

well now i'm trying to think +ve..real +ve...take a deep breath...waaa really hate distance..normally distance won't work tat well wif me..wat sould i do????? big question mark ere in my mind..but looks like i can;t do anything..thing have been decided tho..hurmm ~~~

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  1. sabooo ehh...dugaannnn...*sob*sob..